2002-2007 Subaru Impreza WRX Speakers in Rear Deck (FINISHED UPDATE 6/30)

Update: 6/29 – OK finished the Deck speakers. I had to use a dremel tool to cut room for the left speaker. It was throwing sparks all over the back seat. I used goggles and put up a shield to shield the sparks away from me. haha. As I was switching hands to hold the dremel I lost control and hit the cutter against the window and damaged the tint slightly. People warned you could shatter your back window.  I forgot one foam cube too when putting it back. I hope it doesn’t rattle. The sound is worth it but it wasn’t worth it at all considering how hard it was to put those speakers in. Getting the seat belt installed again took forever. Drilling holes at an angle also took forever (2 hours)

Here is the completed work before the cover and seats go back in.


Speakers are now under that cover.



Update: got the stereo all hooked up last week. It sounds great but the MONO AMP (sub) turns off at volume 9 which is 1/3rd of the way up on the volume. So I have to figure that out. I also have to figure out how to mount those two deck speakers. The 4 speakers in the back worked out great.



So I got 2 rear speakers for my birthday but after trying to plug them in, they’re WAY too big. They should be 5.25 but instead they’re 6.50 size. So The other option was to return them. The people will take the return minus about $20. I should have taken that offer.

Instead I figured, why not try to put them as 2 extra speakers in the back deck above the rear seat. Unfortunately it was such a bitch to put them there, I woulda gone with the return had I known.

Had to remove the rear seat (bottom and backing) and one of the rear seat belts, B piller, and the 3rd brake light just to remove the deck cover to get to the speaker holes.




SO the forum posts say the problem with that location is that it shifts the listening to the rear and boy are they right.



However, right now I’m only amping those deck speakers by 250 watts while the rest of the 6 speakers ahead of them are only at 75×4 watts. I also discovered that I never had actually hooked up my 6 speakers to the 4 channel amp. I had RCA cables going from head unit to the amp and I thought that carried the signal but it didn’t. I also need the speakers wires coming out of it or nothing is amplified. So I ordered a 9 channel speaker line. Then I have to tap in behind the head unit. Once all of the speakers are boosted, I can see how it stacks up. If more can be pulled toward the front of the car vs. rear.


However the speakers are just sitting there and not actually mounted. I’ll have to drill into the damn sheet metal. Which people say they do. Then you just leave the deck cover over it without cutting holes or anything.


While the deck top is out, it’s super reflecting in the day. It’s crazy distracting.


The Sub is FINE. That’s all going at 600 watts @ 2 ohms. IT SLAMS. IT blows the car away. haha.

The 6.5 midbass I created with the old stock under seat sub is doing fine too. So I’m almost there. We’ll see.