Month: April 2019

Friday History


Discovery¬†of Egyptian dignitary’s 4,000-year-old colorful tomb stuns archaeologists Egyptian officials unveiled a stunning discovery over the weekend: a 4,000-year-old tomb of a¬†dignitary bedazzled in colorful paintings and inscriptions.   Rare¬†Tudor ‘gun shield’ used by Henry VIII’s bodyguards set to fetch ¬£50,000 at auction The rare metal armour, used to protect the monarch in 16th century […]

The 1%

61-bedroom¬†Oregon manor selling for just under $9 million In recent days, a colossal Tudor style complex in Portland, Ore., hit the market for $8.79 million. With 61 bedrooms, 19 private bathrooms, a spacious commercial kitchen, private meeting rooms and a gym, anything is possible in the building‚Äôs next chapter for the right, ambitious buyer. Faberge¬†gold […]

Friday Random Late News

Random News

Robin¬†Holzken Shares Revealing Bikini Photo On Instagram 1980s –¬†‘Karate¬†Kid’ star William Zabka had to be removed from Disneyland after he was surrounded by fans ‚ÄėBond Girl‚Äô Ana de Armas was unknown Cuban actress who shared sizzling snaps before bagging role Bottles¬†of beer from 1886 shipwreck used to create modern ale ASOS¬†is selling a PLASTIC BAG […]

Why Garfield phones have littered French beaches for 35 years

[Pretty Interesting] Mystery¬†of plastic Garfield novelty phones washing up along French coast solved after 30 years They discovered the container in a sea cave, only visible at times of very low tides. Unfortunately, it’s buried beneath rocks and, due to the difficult access, will likely remain that way forever. “Behind this nice figure of Garfield, […]

Tuesday Random News

You¬†Need the Kind of Electronic Toilet That’s Popular in Japan Mueller¬†attaches literal smoking gun to report just to keep those fuckers happy Evangelicals¬†Relieved Their President Now Only Guilty Of Paying Off Porn Stars, Models Dick‚Äôs¬†Sporting Goods reports $150 million in lost sales after halting assault-weapons sales Kevin¬†Costner stars in Netflix drama about US lawman who […]

US Military


UK: RAF¬†pilots have killed or injured 4,315 Islamic State fighters since start of campaign against IS US¬†military wants $300M to start testing satellite-mounted lasers and ‚Äėparticle beams‚Äô Air¬†Force fast-tracks new nuclear missiles U.S.¬†Marines are practicing seizing small islands using techniques learned in World War II New¬†footage shows devastating 1953 nuclear bomb test Homeland¬†missile defense system […]

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