2020 vs 2021

2020 wasn’t that bad for me. I got lots of free cash that we now deal with inflation later. I had someone I liked you know where. I had lots of sales. Now 2021 is just TOTAL SHIT. There’s nothing great about it at all.


  • Barely any sales
  • Gas prices. I realized that no one wants to drive to me anymore for cheaper deals with those gas prices. Then my chick who delivers groceries is sticking me with his work gas bills that have now skyrocketed in Comifornia. $4.60 a gallon +!! Then you can’t sell online the same items because the shipping costs suck.
  • You know who
  • everyone quit and 5 rungs past that everyone quit, and everyone after that quit too and everyone past them quit also haha
  • Inflation
  • making a shitton less this year than last year
  • used cars have SKYROCKETED
  • everyone is all over the place on mask usage to the point where you just use them to not piss whoever off.

It’s not fuck 2020 it’s fuck 2021. It’s probably also fuck every year from now on too. We’re living in the fucking Apolcyptic days post March 2020. My dad says expect Jesus soon cuz the world is that bad.