Ahole Lady on the 4th

So we went to the beach for a fireworks show but all the lots were full. There was a side lot that we managed to back into along with a line of cars. This lady shows up in a Honda CRV and parks across all of us blocking us all in. We say, hey we want to leave when this is over, don’t block us in. She arms her alarm then walks off. So during the whole firework show, her stupid car is beeping warning then went off one time. But the dumb b left open her window. So I kept throwing nuts the whole show into her car. When it made a dink sound, I missed and it hit the car but when it made no sound I made it into her window. When she came back, I saw her sit and look all around, she’s going to be finding nuts for a while. Also they ought to melt in the hot 100 degree sun hahaha.

We complained to her about her alarm and she didn’t apologize at ALL and made some like talking duck hand motion. But enjoy all those nuts. I thought about throwing an open soda into her car but I didn’t. haha.

All it takes is ONE asshole to ruin everyone’s time. And that’s California. They’re all assholes.