All I do for 6 months is

I Wake up, do my first job. Then take a short break or nap, then go to my SECOND JOB until 2am. I play like ZERO games other than my pirates of the carribbean on my  1 of 4 monitors. Cuz my first job doesn’t pay enough. My second job is grabbing items then flipping them to people on facebook or offerup. I”m getting pretty good at that now. It’s incredibly draining and my gf gives me zero support. She won’t ever pay for anything or do anything for me. She’s basically been gone for a year to Texas and comes home for 2-3 weeks at a time then goes back.

But now I finally have enough money to start to pay some cards down because my first job doesn’t pay enough since 2015. The costs here just spiral exponentially. I only get food if there’s a coupon for it. Someone gave us a permanent $10 coupon for Papa Johns so I’ve spent like 6+ years getting that. I was enjoying finding Weinerschntizel corn dogs but then the place went out of business for covid.

I’ve had to fucking spend like 5 years eating $4 lunches or nothing due to pay vs. the cost of living. I probably should have looked for work elsewhere oh well. But now with 2 jobs I can finally buy things. haha. My best day I did $300 in one day. The things I sell to people are massage guns, hair clippers, solar power stuff, or random stuff. I make them drive to my house and pay my price or they don’t get the item. It’s awesome. Hand me money and begone. If only that could be my main job.