Apex Legends Tips

I played some games and my kid started playing. It feels exactly like fortnite but better. I’m glad they don’t have the stupid building. Otherwise I suck at the game and have no idea about the weapons/mods or how to actually kill people yet.


Apex Legends microtransactions guide: explaining Crafting Metals, Legend Tokens, and Apex Coins

Apex Legends has already proven its popularity with 10 million players. While some of those players likely won’t stick around, for those that do, the game’s microtransactions and currencies will be the gateway to new skins and characters.

Apex Legends earns 10 million players in three days

Apex Legends is already becoming a hit. The battle royale’s official Twitter account revealed that the free-to-play game already has 3.5 million players.Read More

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The battle royale field is crowded with competitors, but some inventive game mechanics help this one stand out.