Back Luck Nebu

  • I save cans since March, get $32 and on the way back, I end up with a “unsafe lane change” ticket instead to cancel all that out, and put me who knows how much $$$ behind. I worked my ass off for months organizing cans, sorting them, bringing them home from work to lose it all in the last 2 streets before my home.
  • 2nd Hard Drive failed this last 3 months. All my TV shows for years lost.

UPDATE: It randomly today let me copy the files off. I think I got everything. Yay

  • Van has expired tags by 2 months, can’t smog it because it has an oil leak. Can’t get rid of it because it raises our insurance $500 a year to unload it to over $2500! for 3 people. Then some fucker rams it for $1k+ in damage. My only thought was drag it into the garage but the B won’t clean out the garage in 4 years. F-ing Hoarder.
  • Fucking Gov keeps taking $220 a month in back taxes for a year+ because they federally changed the cap in mortgage interest to $10k but mine is 13k which makes me OWE 3k. Such horseshit.
  • My bestest friend quit, leaving me with just my immediate department and maybe 1-2 friends left. It’s hard to feel a connection, esp since I’m away since March. All my friends left in 2 years and anyone up high who could save my ass. haha.


  • Only good luck I had this week was a referral bonus.
  • 401k is NOW only down by $30k instead of multiple $100ks haha. Still 15 years until I can get at the money.