Bought a 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0 Turbo Ultimate

Update 2: dealer said they would take care of it if it is an actual problem. My dad said just rotate the gas nozzle around until you find the right spot. I didn’t actually have problems yet, It was the spouse having problems.

Update: We drove it all Sunday but noticed one issue where the gas clicks off when it’s not full. I’ve found some random posts about it. Also the salesmen were super shady about a few things. They had a 5 days, 5,000 return the car on every vehicle but I think they somehow passed a form on us while we were signing escaping them out of that. They also tried to add a warranty for $20 a month that was actually good for only 2 years while he said they were good for 6 years. Super shady.

Truck has so many options on it, it’s confusing to figure out it all. It’s pretty awesome but it gets only like 23 MPG.

Original Post: Ultimate is another trim for $4,300 with an awesome stereo, 19 inch wheels, fog lights, better headlights etc.

It was $19,000 for it with only 29k miles which was pretty good deal. There’s nothing else like that out there on the search that I saw. The feature are insane. It has heated steering wheels heating/cooling leather seats. Tows 3,500. But it’s way smaller than the Honda Van which is dumping all the oil out in 1 day now. We have to unload it. I can’t at all afford the car so we’ll see what happens.