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They won’t let me move to Texas so I’m not sure what to do now. The cost of living is insane. My mortgage payment went up $100 a month due to property taxes. $2300 for a 1300 sq feet with like $300k left to pay. $200 HOA which I’ve now lost $24,000+ to. A whole […]


To anyone who is left alive since 1995, thanks for continuing to visit this site. I lost a lot of people when I sold the last site but we left a moving message up FOREVER. Thanks for your continued support. I make $0 off this site. I realize this site is total shit too. hahah.


at best on this site I made maybe $100 in 6 months. Now I can sell things in a single day that much. So I’m not incredibly invested in working on this site, especially with the current political world as well. But sometimes I remember I actually have a web site and come back to […]

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