Chicco Strollers are the worst

Here’s why. The opinions are by me and not the company I work for.

I’m trying to sell one of Chiccos NEW strollers on ebay and the jerks keep doing copyright claims against me about images first. Then I replaced the images. Then they tried to say the text was copyrighted. What I learned after talking to an ebay rep is that if they are a member of the “Vero Program” , an official program of ebay, they can basically shut down any auction by anyone trying to sell their stuff. What total bullshit. But it’s not clear at all to you because that’s all hidden behind copyright claims and harassment of anyone trying to sell their shit via copyright claims.

They even went over to another auction site and managed to shut it down on the next auction site.

Chicco a company by, are the worst strollers of the lowest quality. artsana  is also a terrible and evil corporation.

So when you list one of these jerks items, like Chicco Stroller, who are the absolute worst strollers ever., they target anyone selling their items with copyright claims until they’re no longer able to sell their items. That’s so they can select only ONE or sanctioned sellers for their stupid ass strollers and keep the money for themselves. This totally goes against the OLD and dead spirit of ebay as a place to sell things you own. While you might own the Chicco stroller, which is the crappiest and bad and horrible quality strollers to ever exist, you’re unable to sell it thanks to them joining this program with ebay.

So essentially as others said, because ebay is targeting official sellers and fucking over the regular sellers, the whole system is fucked in the company and ebays favor. And you have no idea you’re doing anything wrong or get a suspension by the dick head companies who don’t want you competing with themselves for selling their total shit strollers.