Computer nightmare x 2

Long term readers will be accusomed to these posts. I have been doing GREAT on computers for 3-4 years due to a friends hookups. But today:


Main computer: VIdeo Card Related. I have a Nvidia Titan X. All the monitors shut off. THen the sound cuts out. Then the computer is on but video is off. I have to reboot to fix. Seems to happen more when I launch games or do a facebook gameroom.

  1. Steps: tried updating drivers
  2. tried buying a $20 cooling card that sits below the video card
  3. tried blowing off the entire computer with air cans
  4. No improvement. It’s getting worse like the video card is failing. One AMD worker told me open the card up and redo the thermal paste?

Backup Computer. I was using this for work but all of the sudden the video card stopped working: GTX 970. The screen keeps flashing crazy ass colors then it blue screens with VIDEO SCHEDULER or similar video card related errors:

Steps to fix I’ve tried

  1. blowing off computer
  2. removed video drivers/readded
  3. updated to latest video driver
  4. ran virus check (both computers)


No luck on either