Game companies often don’t actually support diversity & inclusion

I could not comment on this previously but now I have no reason to hold back:

Game Companies (and often companies in general) who claim to be for diversity & inclusion, LGBT+, and human rights END that support when China, Russia, and Islamic countries are involved. It’s all a lie.

  • Hong Kong got rolled by China and they still didn’t interrupt their business with China (because they want China $$$) and punished people who supported Hong Kong by banning them, suspending them, kicking them out of events, etc. They just laid low until the crisis/issue went away and people forgot.
  • These companies have no trouble ignoring all of the human rights abuse in China or their anti Diversity or Anti-LGBT+  stance because they make 40-50% of their business there. Sorry everyone we have to ignore it so we get our bonuses/$. So the companies are telling employees they’re pro this while doing the opposite in their actions and the employees, companies, leaders, and customers all just go along with it. The BEST customers are those who are choosing to boycott the companies based on their obvious stances that are AGAINST THEIR ACTIONS.  It’s all a fucking lie. They don’t actually support any of that stuff. They’re just pandering to employees or customers or doing it for political reasons.
  • Pre-war: when they did business with Russia, they removed any LGBT+ content for news posts, game updates, HEROES, etc, while still spouting diversity & inclusion, LGBT everywhere on their website, games, talks, press releases, career site, videos.
  • companies let people riot, protest, walk out, then just wait it out until it blows over and do nothing. haha. The unbeatable defense. Did this for years. Still doing it.
  • Modify game content for China, Russia, and Islamic countries to remove LGBT content or anything that offends those regions/cultures because they still want the MONEY over their supposed support for those causes. “Hey make sure that isn’t released in Russia” (hah)
  • Make pride/rainbow company logos for pride month but do not roll them out in those regions.
  • Have a comic containing LGBT content; don’t release it in Russia/China.
  • Have women’s summits, women’s networks, women’s clubs, while STILL paying them less for the same jobs as men. Even the CO-PRESIDENT made less than her male counterpart (l0l).
  • Damage control mode: Randomly picking women and putting them in top positions to say that those top exec groups include women. This was happening a ton. In one hilarious move, they picked three women, put them in their own group, and dragged their group to the top of the org chart equal to a bunch of other groups. Then two out of three of those women quit in under a year (maybe saw it was bullshit?). haha. I saw a female producer work for 10-15 years that should have been one of the 3 leaders, and they NEVER promoted her, despite her obviously deserving it. She had to leave the dept and go to a game team to get promoted.
  • Hiring all women to try to catch up haha
  • Have clubs for older people but never catch their pay up to new hires or still allow obvious AGE DISCRIMINATION.  Remove all rewards for length of service which would benefit older people.
  • Ignore any employee complaints and just hire the 1 trillion people waiting in line to work at a game company at $5 an hour as people quit because of these issues.
  • They can hire whatever diversity & inclusion bosses, teams, etc, but if it isn’t actually reflected in the company’s actions…


  • The smart employees (LGBT OR people in general) realized it was all a lie once they saw these actions AND QUIT!!! 500-1000+  They leave to other companies that perhaps actually mean and support the things they’re saying with their actions. Companies who won’t say a bunch of bullshit they won’t ever back up.
  • The employees that want to keep their job or continue to remain in the game industry have to remain silent on it. (a common theme on most issues).
  • The idiot/delusional employees, LIE to themselves and think they can change things from the inside despite the obvious futility, or ignore any of the stuff going on mentioned above while spouting or believing the company’s lies. They support and enable the company to continue with this nonsense listed above.