What is Smurfing?

What is Smurfing?

I, Geoff Fraizer (Nebu) Invented Smurfing! The story was finally fully featured in this video below. Scroll past the video for more details.

The video is really great. Their animations of what was happening are amazing.

Original Written Story from Warcraft II that Created Smurfing

Here (someone was nice enough to mirror)



-(1996) I was the originator of the term “Smurf” or “Smurfing” to signify a famous person playing games under a fake name. Before that point, everyone stuck with whatever nickname they had and never considered changing their name or playing under fake names. It began when me and Warp! played under fake names “Smurfs” and fooled all our friends. I made a page about it and it caught on big time. Pretty soon everyone played under made-up names and you had no idea who you were playing. This practice continues to happen a TON today and you still hear about Smurfing/Smurfs which all dates back to me, my site, and my Smurf page.


Finally I got the credit I deserve. I already had it posted on several pages. I’ll keep updating this one post with the various details so maybe it comes up on SOE 🙂   Watch the video. That’s pretty awesome. They asked Warp! to interview and he ignored them. They never messaged me. Then I discover the video 6-7 months later doing a search of myself. As I watched the video, it was funny, because they knew the story better than I did. I forgot.

My daughter said she looked my name up and came up with this video but didn’t click on it. She’s 11. haha



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