Held Back


I’m realizing just how much I was held back by my former employer. They wanted permission to work any other jobs. They wanted approval for any projects you worked on. They got MAD when they found out I was doing other jobs on the side completely UNRELATED to their work due to their Nike factory slave labor camp pay level.

There were 1000+ people in a movement for “bad pay” for 3+ years that went nowhere. Because they always knew any idiot would show up with more talent for $5 an hour. Exploit the workers. But the unions are just as bad. They’re corrupt as hell too. The answer is to work for yourself. Create your own business. 

Everyone else just ignored the “STAY LOCAL and keep living in Orange County” requirements and moved away to cheaper areas and then quit if the company didn’t like it. That was the preferred method. I mean they sent everyone home in March 2020, but nearly 2 years later, still wanted you to live there.  But I was HONEST. I get myself in so much trouble by not lying and being honest. If I lied, like everyone else, I’d get further. Businesses punish employees for telling the truth. They suspected I might bail when I asked for a transfer to Texas so they held up that transfer for 6 months as they tried to do anything they could try to get me to quit. haha. When I asked the previous years to transfer, they said things like “I don’t like remote management” or “you’d have to get a new boss and department.”  They were trying so hard to get me to quit in the final 8 months, that the Fuckers were complaining about how many times I hit the ENTER key. Not even joking. But everyone had quit the last 1-3 years so there was no one really to be mad at because they had already quit. haha. It was just the parent company at that point. The website had been passed off to parent company marketing wankers.

A few years back I asked for a promotion after years of demonstrated success either in pageviews or content and they told me “I’m free to apply to other places.” I shoulda have taken them up on that offer but as you know, you have bosses that suck, that quit, then a new boss comes in that’s great. I thought it was one of those times.

Throughout the entire 20 years+, they punished me for any outside success and put it as a negative on my reviews, and tried to discourage anything outside of working for them. They tried to control the content I created. They tried to punish the content I created.  There was a golden spot where I coulda got into streaming but they never made it obvious they were now allowing employees to stream, while previously they didn’t let you do ANYTHING.

Anyway, now that I’m free of them, the world is full of possibilities that they were getting in the way of. It’s about 10-20 years too late but you can see by the world today, who knows how many more years the world has anyway. haha.

But unfortunately, the BEST way to succeed which seems to be YOUTUBE or STREAMING is beyond my grasp. My friend just started that up and is already making money but he had to spend $40k to get into it and be #1 at something. I just can’t seem to create entertaining enough content, but I do have the possible critical personality for it. Once you get the subscribers, you start say earning $2k a month. Then you branch out to AFFILIATE marketing to get another $2k+. Then you do deals with people. Then you create clubs people can join or sell training courses. It’s a racket that began in the 1900s (motivational speaker) that all feeds off each other.  Then you create a website and sell things on your website but it all has to start with some content and subscriber gaining. It helps 1000x if you’re pretty. haha. The completely POSITIVE person is also a real winner on youtube that inspires people or that people want to be like them.

Great People Examples

Jigging with Jordan


These people inspire you with their positive attitude.

Anyway, I had to do something else when I got to the end of this so I left out a conclusion. The conclusion is, don’t let your work/employer saddle you down from gaining success at side businesses which will allow you to quit your job and do something you’d rather do for yourself.