There’s still people 2 years later going to my last website thinking that’s me posting only I sold it. Anyway

As expected, the most cheated election in history as was posted by me a month or so ago. Find the votes until the person you want to win, wins. There’s zero voter ID or accountability or matching of people to a ballot. Some friends received 3 ballots.

The reason this matters is this what sets us apart from a fucking banana republic or Russia/China. That’s nice if you want someone to win and someone cheats for you until they win but imagine if Trump was also doing that. Would you be happy if Trump was day(s) after the election manufacturing votes until he won? No. Everyone’s cool with corruption if it benefits their side. That’s why so many people today have no honor, morals, god, whatever.

ANYWAY, we’ll see what happens at the end. It’s not like we haven’t had a pedo president before. haha.