I went Magnet Fishing

So a new (or who knows how old) fad is Magnet Fishing. You buy a giant magnet with a rope and throw it off bridges, docks, wherever and see what you get.

The metal detecting and treasure finding channels are starting to have a video here and there about magnet fishing.

I got a 550 lb magnet set (free) and took it out there without knowing ANYTHING about the sport or what I was doing. I really wish I would have known that coins are not magnetic and this thing would not grab coins.

I went to places that I thought might have coins and wondered why I never got any. Now I know.

The first thing I brought up is that chair part, and later an entire chair. This location is used for weddings and it looks like someone threw or dropped some chairs.

I luckily brought some gloves that came with the set because the stuff you drag up is NASTY. It got all over my shirt and shorts. It smells too.

I brought up about a bucketful of junk. The best find was a metal knife from a restaurant that no longer exists.

So here are my thoughts

  • What exactly GOOD things are you going to find?
    • A knife.
    • Maybe some magical treasure box that doesn’t exist.
    • A good find might be a gun

I tried watching some videos and they found garbage too. So what is this all for? I’d have to know you’re going to find something good to keep going through all that work.

With metal detecting you know at worst you’re going to get dimes, nickles, and quarters and walk away with SOMETHING. It adds up overtime.

So I’m not sure I’m going to keep going on this.