Mobile Gaming is the FUTURE!

Each year the phones get better ($1k phones, $2k foldable phones) and the possibility for gaming gets better. But it’s all dependent on quality games but the general problem is that there are not any AAA titles on the phone. The top earners make BILLIONS but to be honest the gameplay isn’t that great compared to most PC titles. The devices are here to support them and once we get some QUALITY AAA games, mobile is really going to take off. 

GPS games have especially improved mobile gaming by getting you outside and exercising and exploring. But the game play on those are typically really bad compared to normal PC/Console Games. GPS games really drew me into mobile gaming starting 2012 and now that I’m doing games on the phone 18 hours a day since 201 

What is the future of gaming? 

  • VR isn’t the future. It makes some people sick. You fall on our face when you’re disoriented (look online). It costs too much. Often you don’t have enough room in your apartment or whatever to play them. There’s limited games. There’s possibilities but quite often people buy the stuff and end up watching it sit there or sell it later. Hah. More info
  • 4/8k TV isn’t the future. You have to spend a ton on the TVs ($500 min) then also buy the supported consoles. Then you have to try to get monitors in that range but that also don’t share the refresh rates for fps games. 

Mobile gaming is the future! WHY? 

  1. Your phone is a part of your body. It’s with you every moment (if you play games especially). With waterproof-ish phones, I even drag my phone in the shower or pool to both play music and games haha. You phone also connects to either headphones/earbuds or awesome bluetooth speakers or even stereo systems. Now that the phones cost 1-2k and every dumb business or food place has an app, you have to drag this thing around with you for everything. 
  2. Mobile Phone Games reduce the anger and frustration when you’re stuck at the boring places including
    1. Especially long lines anywhere (Food, Costco, Costco Gas, DMV, Grocery, Stores, etc)
    2. Being dragged around with family places you don’t want to go
    3. Going to people’s places without a computer
    4. Vacations and trips without your computer
    5. Long Car rides where you can trick someone else into driving
    6. Meetings
    7. 5 minute stop lights
    8. Breaks/Lunches
  3. More portable because it’s a combination device of a phone, apps, AND gaming system. That’s why various companies were trying to do gaming/phone system combinations early with a controller until eventually we ended up with these great touch screens. There probably will someday be a good phone + controller combo. Before mobile gaming you had to drag around portable gaming such as Gameboy, DS, Switch etc. Now you can just carry your phone and not drag around some second device and try to fit it in your pocket. 
  4. It’s a massive money maker for game companies with Pokemon Go, EA Sports pulling over $1B, more so than PC/Console games. A new report by Newzoo and Activision Blizzard shows some big numbers in the world of mobile gaming. According to it, the global games market will generate $148.1 billion in revenue in 2019. Link 1, Link 2, Link 3
  5. The number of phones continues to work toward 100%. Kids are getting phones at younger and younger ages especially as parents pass down their OLD phones to their kids.  Even when you go to poor areas, nearly everyone has a phone. What percentage of people have a PC ($1k+) vs. Console (when they’re fing $300-500) vs. a phone.
    Phone bandwith continues to improve. 3g, 4g, 5g, and free wireless. If you want internet on your portable gaming device you have to connect it to your phone OR find a wireless hot spot.

But the controls such on phone games!?
I admit, many games are better with a controller. My favorite controller continues to be the XBOX 360 controller that I still use today on my PC via a wireless connector for today’s games. But you can buy bluetooth wireless control pads. Or since you now have two devices to play a game, yeah you should just get a small retro machine or Switch Lite or something. 

What I play?
I play mainly GPS games (Ingress -> some PGO -> Walking Dead GPS) and one MMORPG