Nutjob Hire

I can tell this story now. They hire these people with ZERO social or business experience. Who cares if the people have the job skills if they have zero social skills.

So there was this girl in IT. She was ok, nice and everything. This other guy let’s call him V and her liked each other or dated or whatever. So this other guy “J” liked the girl also, but she didn’t like him at all and had nothing to do with him. So his imagination about the girl being his was total nonsense. He felt like he possessed her without any claim or experience whatsoever. So V is a very nice guy, comes from a “nice” country and invited J to a local bar to smooth things over when he had no obligation to do.

So V opens the door for J (nutjob) and as he’s doing so, J punches V in the face! WTF. He was doing something nice and the guy sucker punched him. It was offsite so the company couldn’t especially do anything about it. V comes into work with a fucked up face.

So HR goes to this idiot J, why did you hit him, etc., because they were working together on the same team. One was a designer, another a programmer. So J tells HR that he would never stop trying to attack V. All they asked him to do was to agree that he wouldn’t try to hit him. What a fucking nut job lunitic. First punching him when V was opening a door for him and trying to resolve it peacefully even though J had NO CLAIM. Second, so stupid he told HR he would never stop being physically violent. WTF.

So J gets fired. haha. Whoever the fuck interviewed/hired him and I have my suspicious did a horrible job on that one. Look beyond job skills.