Reviews are back on!

Amazon rando invited my alt to reviewing officially. haha. Back at it. That was always the goal but they never give you any way to get there.

Shitloads of items appearing at my door. This time you’re working for the evil BELZOS, god of liberal Washington Times in his quest to seed new halfl-y completed items with starting reviews. This time you have to pay tax on them. They report it to the gov after $600. So imagine you get an item but you only pay your tax %, say 20% for an item.

But some items are FREE randomly and you just have to click on every item to find out which ones are free. I’m cleaning up there. $100 massage gun, $40 electric tooth brush, new shower filter, crap I can actually use/need. I got $7 new HED/LED headlights for my car. $3 new backbrace for metal detecting/lifting. New set of sharpening stones for our 3 knives. A magnet fishing kit. It’s awesome! Books are 99 cents. Supposedly one person was in there for 10 years and got offered a 65 inch TV one time. One person had $90,000 of items arriving in a YEAR and had to pay whatever $20,000 in taxes. haha. You can really f yourself over because you’re actually paying for the stuff on your taxes.

This time you play the role of an honest reviewer. You’re not allowed to talk to the merchants or say you’re in the program. You don’t have to review the items but you’ll probably get kicked out if you don’t.