Saturday History

Saturday History

Mysterious ‘Nude Mona Lisa’ may have been drawn by da Vinci

A new analysis of a charcoal drawing that has puzzled experts for centuries suggests that it was likely created by Leonardo da Vinci. 

But it’s ugly

Amazing Alcatraz discovery: Lasers reveal long-hidden military tunnel and fortifications

Archaeologists have harnessed radar and laser scanning technology to reveal a long-hidden military tunnel and fortifications beneath Alcatraz.

Alexander the Great DIED before Alexandria was founded

Alexander the Great did not found the great city of Alexandria in Egypt, and died years before it came to prominence, a historian has claimed.

Bronze pot found in a 2,000-year-old burial tomb contains legendary brew used to cheat death

Experts from the Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology initially thought that the six pints of liquid unearthed from Henan province may be liquor as it gave off an alcoholic aroma.

‘World’s first’ tattoo parlour dating back 2,000 years is discovered in Utah 

The tattooing tool stems from the ancestral Pueblo people living in modern-day Utah and little is known about the communities and culture.

1,600-year-old estate that belonged to a wealthy ancient Samaritan discovered in Israel

Archaeologists have discovered the estate of a wealthy ancient Samaritan at Zur Natan in central Israel.

Amazing ram-headed sphinx linked to King Tut’s grandfather discovered in Egypt

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered a large ram-headed sphinx that is linked to King Tutankhamun’s grandfather.

Female Viking warrior’s remarkable grave sheds new light on ancient society

An incredible grave containing the skeleton of a Viking warrior, long thought to be male, has been confirmed as female, researchers say.

2,000-year-old shipyard discovered in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

Archaeologists in Egypt have uncovered an ancient shipyard in the north of the country’s Sinai Peninsula, thought to be at least 2,000 years old.

Lost city in South Africa revealed in stunning digital images

1,200-year-old Bible reportedly recovered from smugglers in Turkey