The Black Widow

So there was this girl in QA. She was pretty as far as I can remember. Well she kept hounding my former friend who also worked in QA. Eventually he goes out on a date with her. He’s in the back of his truck bed making out with her, and she wants to sleep with him. He said, no, first we should get to know each other. Which is something an honorable man would do right? Well she thought she was spurned, so she goes into work and says he was sexually harassing her. Total false report because she was trying to get revenge for being rejected. And she wasn’t even being rejected, she was just being delayed in the banging to possibly the SECOND date. haha. If he was trying to sexually harass her, he certainly would have banged her on the first date.

So he keeps his job and it goes on his record. She keeps her job. The former friend left the company over a $1,000 pay dispute then tried for years to come back and I really suspect they saw that in his record and wouldn’t rehire him. So that girl f-ed him for life. What was the answer for his career? Put out? haha.

So then black widow sets her sights higher. She decides to head to the top and go for a programmer. There’s big money in the $100-150k club. She works her magic on this online famous nerdy guy. Someone who would never likely get a woman as far as I know but I could be wrong of course.

The programmer marries her but then she starts just looting him blind. She gets a new mustang then makes HIM ride his bike to work because he didn’t know how to drive. haha. Eventually he gains access to the Mustang. Total gold digger with the entire purpose of going after cash or fame at all costs. SO however many years pass and they finally divorce. He then goes 100% LGBT, probably as a result of that abuse but I’m just GUESSING.

On a side note, there was once another employee who was getting so taken by a gold digger that she gained full access to his bank account and paid him an allowance on his own salary. Then made him sleep in the closet on the floor while she took the bed. That’s what game employees have after them at times. Or they are the abusers going the other direction.

So then she gets out her facebook/online social media and starts working her way through the dudes again looking for the next mark/sucker. She happens to message ME. I don’t know that I had EVER even talked to her and certainly not in real life. She also didn’t seem to understand that she had set my former friend up with a fake sexual harassment report. It was hilarious. She didn’t know I already had a GF either. Who knows what happened to her after that, maybe she found the next sucker and they’re now married.

But here’s the punchline. The nerdy dude gets on twitter talking shit about me. And I’m just laughing my ass off. He has no idea I know all this or know so much about his ex-wife. And I’m just dying to talk some shit about the village bicycle but I didn’t. And that’s the punchline. Rise above it in real life.