The Blacklist

I started watching the Blacklist because I like James Spader but boy is that show the most boring, generic, show ever. It makes all the other shows like 24, Burn Notice, etc look WAY better. The things that happen are so unbelievable but also their tactical situations are also total nonsense. People get away for no reason. People escape out the back ALL THE TIME. I should have counted.

They’re chasing someone in a vehicle but then can’t continue so then all they have to do is grab a vehicle that’s right in front of them and continue the chase but they just stand there watching the bad guys getting away and that’s the end of the scene. haha

It’s like an 8th grader was making a TV series or something. You have all these other series to steal from but they don’t.

I don’t know who writes for this show but they should never work in show business again. I think 1920s shows had better writing.

Every episode you don’t even care what they’re trying to solve. It’s like watching CSPAN where you don’t give a shit what congress/senate is even talking about. You don’t care if people live/die or succeed fail.

The cast is pretty crappy except the hot girl and James Spader but even he has to act in this POS.

People are murdered en mass nearly every episode and you don’t even care. It’s completely senseless violence. They kill people for no reason then try to explain it. Then go on to the next episode. The main criminal guy has direct murdered 100k people. haha.