The IT Wanker

So it was someone’s bright idea to start grabbing all these people from Microsoft/XBOX, which of course makes total sense in the last 1 year but they literally ruined the company in my opinion. Microsoft or their games wasn’t especially good/cool place to be. One main guy got fired for sexual harassment and was in the news. The other guy did some other stuff., and there were like 2-5 other ones.

So this super douche bag from there takes over all IT/QA/Ops. He starts cleaning house, firing everyone, shaking up all the teams, destroying everything below him. He got rid of people that were there 10-20 years that built the company. He wouldn’t have had his job had those employees not created it for him. One friend had his profit sharing removed (for no reason). Another barely survived and outlasted him.

This guy was 100% full of himself, more so than anyone except this guy.

He decides to start showing IT accomplishments at “show & tell.” S&T was about showing the unreleased stuff’s current progress which included new games, patches, expansions, and so on. They expanded it to licensing, even web updates (which was sketchy). For decade(s) they did the S&T then showed a movie. But then as the content, people, teams expanded they didn’t even have time for the movie anymore. So anyway, this guy got the bright idea that his group was so important that we all had to see what IT was doing. The excitement about the meetings was to see explosive trailers (that would later be released), cool game content that gamers would like, cool gaming items that would be later for sale. Or work anniversaries (5-15 year). But who the fuck cares about IT shit? Certainly not anyone outside of IT. And I bet 80% of IT doesn’t care because they know about it already.

But this guy was 100% full of himself (a lot like me) and added it to the list PURELY to jackhimself off. So we’re all suffering through boring as fuck IT updates. Shit that you could see at any company, not just a game company. All because of that guy. Due to negative feedback or unknown reasons, they dropped that portion later. hah.

They create a whole new campus of just this group people. It’s not even close to the main campus and you get none of the benefits for working at the company because the place is like 10-15 mins away. I think they added a cafe there. I never even went there one time. But then of course, they shut that campus down (due to cost cutting), and drag everyone back haha. I bet (but don’t know) that was another, hey I’m lord of my department bullshit that guy did, but that’s probably not true.

So then the guy changes the company chat client to JABBER. This is the shittiest chat client I’ve ever used in my life besides web pop-up ones that you use to contact support at very companies. It was so bad. They chose it because it was free. Well I made the mistake of saying in global chat: “from the people that brought you Jabber…” as a joke. He goes to the head of my department, keeps working his way down until he found my boss. I then get a talking to, and I think it showed up on my review. haha. He tried to get me fired for that one comment.

But guess what? I was right. Later on HIS boss in an all group meeting said the same shit that I said to all the employees. That jabber sucks. So I was right yet again, but the issue was “how I chose to deliver that feedback.” Of course professionally, I had also delivered that feedback and all the issues related to it and a more professionally manner.

So then the guy quits (or is fired), and he sends an email about it. I didn’t even see the text before I knew this would be the biggest bunch of bullshit I had ever read in my life. The email scrolls down infinitely of text. It was the longest I’m quitting email ever created or sent. It was longer than the CEO, president, other key figures quitting emails. Normally a nice person sends a short email being thankful and whatever as a professional person would do. But this jackoff spends the whole time telling the whole company about this accomplishments and bragging and talking about himself. I was laughing because of what a fuckhead that guy was plus he didn’t get to fire me like he wanted. haha.

Anyway, of course that guy goes off to destroy some other company at either Microsoft or Amazon, I forget which. Never held accountable as everything else today.