Trump to Ban Tik Tok

Donald Trump announces he will BAN TikTok in the U.S. 

Tik Tok is seriously the best content I’ve ever seen. It starts off total crap but then as you like things, it starts giving you better things and better and better. So many times I laugh until I cry.

I don’t like how it can’t be viewed entirely online, requiring the app.

For people worried about it stealing info, what app doesn’t steal info and what app isn’t also beholden to China.

I think it does have a pedo problem as you can’t tell at all how old the girls are and the #1 person is a 16 year old girl. Underage girls dancing on the app is a huge problem IMO.

Tik Tok seems to be universally hated when I talk to anyone on both sides. That’s probably because they didn’t use it long enough to get better content.

This ban is bound to piss off a boatload of 18 and unders. Bad idea 3 months before an election IMO. Ban Facebook or twitter instead hah.