Voltron: Legendary Defender

You might remember the original Voltron from the 1980s which helped pioneer the robot battle type anime. Voltron: Legendary Defender by Dreamworks is an updated version of that show that is much better and is available on Netflix with eight seasons.

When it first came out, we watched the first season then forgot all about it. I started up season 2 not expecting much but as the show continued it got exponentially better. Now it’s one of the better anime that I’ve watched. Usually I watch a show and it doesn’t mean much to be me but this one really had some epic stories and battles. I could not stop watching through all the seasons. Each season got better and built on the last. I really like the animation.

The bad guys are a bit better than most and as the show goes on, it tells more of their background actually making you understand them. It has a bit of Robotech in it with the defense of planet earth too. (Earth preparing for the Zentradei invasion)


  • Defend Earth/Invasion
  • Free the Universe
  • They had a shopping at a mall episode that was pretty good. The crew is trying to earn money to buy a video game. Normally the one-shot episodes are the worst (aka Naruto Chef Ninjas) but some of these are better than the main storyline.
  • Had a great video game episode where they are playing a RPG where it switches between video game art and the art of the show in video form. They even had a mock WoW interface to it. haha.


So give it a try. At least make it through season 2.

Official Site: http://www.voltron.com/

Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/80075595