‘Worst tax return in a decade! He’s lost my vote’: Taxpayers lash out at Trump for Tax Cuts and Job Act ‘scam’ as IRS data shows refunds are smaller than last year

Yeah no shit. Worst Tax refund ever. I don’t even have enough to make it through the year despite making less this year. I’m so fucked. From what I could determine less taxes got taken out so I ended up owing.

  • US taxpayers have lashed out on social media this past week after receiving lower refunds than last year
  • Some say they owe the IRS despite no apparent change in financial situation
  • Many said they voted for Trump but would not do so again because of taxes¬†
  • 2017 Tax Cuts and Job Act promised lower taxes for the working class in 2018
  • But employers may have decreased the withholdings amount in salaries
  • It could mean employees paid less during the year and had more in the bank
  • If so, refunds may not need to be as high as 2018 because less was contributed¬†

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