1980s Legos

Update: Finally was able to complete one set. heh. The vacuum probably ate the other sets.


I’ve had legos since about 1980. As I continue to sell everything to clear up space, I’m putting together sets that have not been put together in over 40 years. Insane!

Two of my best lego guys some asshole in the 7th grade stole them. Now I discover they’re worth $50. That fucker. I really want to go to facebook and demand my $50 back haha.

Otherwise, my Legos have been to Oklahoma, Canada, Virginia, San Diego, Orange County. Who knows where. All over the country. As I put them together I’m discovering pieces missing here and there. I believe you can buy them but I’m discovering prices like $4 for a single piece. We’ll see. I haven’t looked too much into it.

My house is such a hoarder mess they might still be inside the house in some box. heh.

The dumbest things I ever did was sell like $5-10k of transformers for $50. I sold a lot of Sega Master System games back for like $1 that I should have kept.

The world had never heard of EBAY and the way to sell things was place a classified AD in the paper or “penny saver.” That’s how I sold all my Star Wars toys for an Atari 2600. I shoulda kept the Star Wars haha.

Hopefully I can sell some of them.