Metal Detecting in January

My daughter went 100% SJW. She was doing great until a month ago. I don’t know what thing she watched on youtube but that’s where she gets all her info. She’s 12 and 1/2 now. She keeps calling me a “racist piece of garbage.” Which is pretty demoralizing. They say teen girls are tough, maybe […]

Get a Humming Bird Feeder

I totally recommend it. I hate MOST birds but Humming Birds are cool. Their chirps are sometimes annoying but overall they’re great. It feels so good helping them or watching them. They’re so pretty The last two ones I got free for reviewing them haha. The only thing I don’t like is making the sugar […]

Taxes Due July 15

A reminder. I forgot all about it. I owe like $300. Thanks to the <censored> they changed Mortgage interest so it caps federally to $10,000 but these California houses that are 1/2 a million to 1 million have interest at $13k every year. So i went from 10 years of gaining $3,000 at taxes to […]

Twilight Zone is on Netflix!

I used to have it on VHS and rewatch it. Well it’s on Netflix. Just pop it up and leave it running. It’s quality stuff. Original Show (1959) It’s pretty lame that they took the California Adventure Tower of Terror (Twilight Zone) and redid it for Avengers. It sucks now. I used to love it. […]

Back Luck Nebu

I save cans since March, get $32 and on the way back, I end up with a “unsafe lane change” ticket instead to cancel all that out, and put me who knows how much $$$ behind. I worked my ass off for months organizing cans, sorting them, bringing them home from work to lose it […]

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