Neighbor War 2019

Neighbor War 2019

You might have followed some of my previous neighbor wars. We’ve lived next to this couple for 10 years but realized they had 3 dogs and they just open their garage door, let them loose, then the dogs run under my daughters window and crap under it. They don’t pick up the crap or even leash them. I had no idea this was going on because one side of the house is a solid wall with no windows. I never know what’s going on behind that side of the house. I never go out there.

The HOA/CITY rules say that they have to be leashed. So my crazy chick got into a words war with them where they denied it was them. We told them that’s our property which they said no, it’s public area. But it’s technically our property, even on the home purchase papers. I thought about pinning the papers to their garage.

One day I was out there spraying for ants and the lady came running over across the driveway to demand to know what I was doing there. I realize now that’s because she considers that area HERS and  I was getting in the way of her using it for her dogs shit yard. haha. I thought it was just because she’s being a concerned citizen because it was night.

But they don’t even watch the dogs. I put up a video camera and then sent the HOA a video of 3 times of the guy with the dog and no leash. They said they would fine/warn them. LOLOLOL. The dude even sarcastically waved at the camera after he placed the dog to piss on the bush right next to our garage. Of course he’s this boat shoe wearing Irvine Mercedes driver. The typical yuppie douchebag from the 1980s. haha. His Mercedes is from the 1980s too.

The lady is a fucking drunk. A few months back we found her passed out MID DAY in the middle of the driveway and helped her home.  We wish we would have had the cops haul her away. She needs help. So she of course repays us by being batshit crazy. Then another time I found her lost dog and called her and she went to get it. So 2 times we’ve been nice and they’ve repayed that with being total sacks of shit. She was probably so drunk she didn’t realize we did either of those two things.

I had the cops out to the place one day and they were spying and think I’m a wife beater so he called me a wife beater to my chick. haha. After that, the war was fucking on. There was no reason to call me that. I’ve done nothing but help them. I put out a camera pointed right toward their garage. I see everything they do from my phone. Privacy gone fuckers. haha.

California neighbors are the absolute worst. I’ve never not lived next to some complete crazy loon in 40 years.

After the HOA complained to them, he started to use a leash but the dog has NEVER had a leash so it was hilarious to see it choking and not wanting a leash. Then another time he didn’t use it. My camera sucks balls, but is capturing it with upwards of 30 mins to 1 hour of work just to extract a video from the camera. $75 China Camera. Anyway
last night, the lady was yelling out of her window/gate, “SECURITY/I’m going to call security” because we were parked in front of the garage and loading it for a trip. I yelled out ALOCHOL ANONYMOUS. haha.

We’re looking at what we can spray around that drives the dog away too. The problem with most of it is that it has to be refreshed after sprinklers/rain.

But since they’re/we’re going to live there forever, you don’t want some year(s) long screaming/neighbor war, but they sure are pushing us into it with their behavior. We put up a fence in front of my daughter’s window and they walked by and my daughter heard them noticing that we did it, and saying it wasn’t them. haha.  For all I know it’s not them at all but they’re being such fucks about it all, I’m just assuming it’s them until I get more cameras. I’m trying to spin up 1 more camera to truely bust them.

You don’t want the war to escalate because then it becomes calling the cops on them, them calling security when we’re parked in front of our garage in the red zone (HOA #**# won’t let you park in front of your own garage), or them fucking with our cars outside.


Previously, there was a crazy old man that was harassing kids in the neighborhood or pinning rules lists to people’s gates, or ratting everyone out to the HOA, or having notes in the monthly letter that were veiled targeted letters at specific people. Well that piece of shit moved out 3-5 years now.

After that:  Some family was letting this homeless guy that was somewhat part of their family in their garage for months, with 2 pos trucks he was using as storage. That guy finally pissed them off enough to kick him out in the last year. Their house smells so nasty smoke like 2 houses away.

Sea of Thieves: Fishing/Cooking

Sea of Thieves: Fishing/Cooking

They added fishing/cooking finally but didn’t say

  1. where to find your fishing (already in controls/inventory)
  2. How to use bait (very complicated process to use/still unclear)
  3. How to fish (do you fish anywhere or in pools like World of Warcraft/Farcry)
  4. How to catch a fish (works like Farcry Fishing, go in the opposite direction)
  5. How to cook the fish when you’ve got it (put on stove, wait until it’s white/brown)
  6. Where to find the new faction to turn them in (on little wooden raft/islands)
  7. How to turn in the cooked fish once you have it (have to equip it, then dialog opens up)
  8. Where to find the fish you’re looking for

hahaha Hardcore as fuck. Get out your manual.

Wednesday Random News

Wednesday Random News

A studio replica was used for interior scenes after the series pilot, and the production crew returned year after year to film the exterior.