Game of Thrones Ending Destroys Entire Series

Game of Thrones Ending Destroys Entire Series


At the end of the last episode (1 before end) you realized this show was going to end really badly. After that episode, you realized these guys have no idea what they are doing storywise to the point that they’ll destroy their own work. We waited an extra two years for the ending and it’s clear they had to rush through and cheese it at the end. But why? Isn’t this series generating an obscene amount of money? Why couldn’t they finish the series properly? Why didn’t they pay the extra money to bring in the book writer to help.

Pretty much every storyline in the series died and turned out to be garbage. It was a complete waste of everyone’s time. Just the battles were kinda cool.

The episode actually made my stomach hurt.

It’s been said they ran out of book material but I think at this point FANS could have finished the series better. Fan Fiction could have done a better job. These D&D guys are now moving on to ruin Star Wars.

If the main storyline is this bad, can you imagine how bad the spin-offs will be?

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YTMND, one of the internet’s earliest meme sites, shuts down forever


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YTMND was most well known for its user generated standalone pages filled with a single, tiled image or animated GIF, embedded with large text, and often with a sound or music file playing on loop.



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