Author: nebu chadnezzar

Trump to Ban Tik Tok

Donald Trump announces he will BAN TikTok in the U.S.  Tik Tok is seriously the best content I’ve ever seen. It starts off total crap but then as you like things, it starts giving you better things and better and better. So many times I laugh until I cry. I don’t like how it can’t be […]

I went Magnet Fishing

So a new (or who knows how old) fad is Magnet Fishing. You buy a giant magnet with a rope and throw it off bridges, docks, wherever and see what you get. The metal detecting and treasure finding channels are starting to have a video here and there about magnet fishing. I got a 550 […]

Reviews are back on!

Amazon rando invited my alt to reviewing officially. haha. Back at it. That was always the goal but they never give you any way to get there. Shitloads of items appearing at my door. This time you’re working for the evil BELZOS, god of liberal Washington Times in his quest to seed new halfl-y completed […]

TV Grinding

Since March I’m stuck here most of the day and night so I’m grinding on TV. If there are some of these you haven’t seen, give them a shot. Give either Netflix or Amazon Prime a chance on these. Or find them.   Jeremiah (a disease kills all the adults) Jericho (nukes go off sending […]

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