Sunday Diary

I’m starting to see people drive around like they don’t give a fuck anymore. Seen some people burning out, seen some people going extreme speeds.   From what I saw, everyone was having a normal day. People biking around outside. Shopping. Starbucks was full of people at the chairs. Del Taco inside was full.   […]

Virus Facts, what we know

    The onset symptom was fever for 78.2% of patients. Cough was the second most common onset symptom, occurring in 62.4% of patients. Against Covid-19, the Minister of Health recommends not to take ibuprofen What exercise is ok to do New data reveals coronavirus “patient zero” might be from mid-November Coronavirus patients who recover […]

Well Color Me Scared

As I go around, I already feel like the apocolypse and have felt that for a week or two. But even SATURDAY is quite a different world than THURSDAY. Thursday I had a job at a place. Friday the kids had school. Now none of that exists anymore. People are going around like normal but […]

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