Rockband 3

Update: Playing as much as 2 hours a day. I discovered I played Rockband 2 a ton but Rockband 3 I didn’t play as much. The song list of Rockband 3 is pretty horrible compared to 1/2 and is just another reason why they all died out. They split into so many versions that they over saturated it all and ended it for everyone. Guitar hero spamming them was especially responsible just as they do with COD. Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Metalica, Rockband Beatles, Green Day. All we wanted is ONE game from each maker with all the songs and Rockband 3 is about the closest to that. I’m not sure what Rockband 4 does. They’re working on Rockband 5 but I’m not rebuying or upgrading the console (don’t have Xbox One or PS5).

These poor kids have never seen this game in this time. It gives a great exposure to BETTER songs than the garbage they have today.

As far as controllers, I hate the rockband controllers and just use the Guitar Hero ones.

For some reason I feel compelled to grind the game out when there’s no more download of songs or rankings.

Original Post:

We load up Rockband 3 since who knows, 7-9 years. And wow. This was back when games were GOOD. You can tell the difference. Notice now how nearly every game sucks since 2016+ vs. the earlier years before the industry was filled with millennials and gen-z who don’t seem to have the same amount of talent. These kids can’t grind out a 18 hour work day today.

Nobody told me the whole network was shutting down in Jan, 2023. Oh well. There were some more songs I wanted.

  • So make sure you run the calibration again. I changed TVs and that was the main issue. After I fixed that, it did much better.
  • The controllers really are bad after that many years. Two still had batteries which was a mistake. I had to both blow on them, hit them, jam on the buttons. I’d really like to have some higher quality ones that didn’t go as bad so easily. I guess they sell them by 3rd parties.
  • So I was doing all these exercises for arthritis in my hands/arms and it seems like just playing guitar in Rockband would be much better and see better improvements. I guess we’ll see.
  • Back when that game came out the girls singing the guy parts in the animation was hilarious. Now it’s fact.
  • I made a char that was grown up when my daughter was a baby and now the character matches all these years later.
  • We made the boy’s char a surfer then he later became a surfer. He said “It was fortold!!”
  • My daughter wasn’t even old enough to really read since the last time we played and she had no idea how to play. haha.
  • I didn’t like that XBOX now wanted you to log in with a harder password after so many years. My wireless networking thing for the XBOX seemed to break as well. I had to put in the direct network cable.
  • The 4 controllers are absolute shit. I don’t know what goes bad in them but they never recognize the batteries. They disconnect so often. The wireless mics are also horrible for connecting as well. I spend hours just getting everything to connect.