WTF is this movie?

Even AI can’t tell me.  I saw it on Amazon Prime or Netflix and it isn’t in my view history.


What is the name or description of movie

Soldier must defend an tower by himself until his time is up using a force field and a future gun. Each tower has a specific number. Another soldier has to defend their tower. The person tries to hack the computer to see things they shouldn’t be seeing.

The movie has european actors. It appears to take place somewhere in europe where man has territory that they’re losing to the enemy that they are trying to defend.

It is set in the future. It is not set in the past. It is a war/soldier type movie but for a movie set in the future.

Force fields and towers are used to defend the areas. At the start the soldier is dropped off at his tower and he’s required to stay there for x amount of days. He also receives updates about new areas that are lost by the enemy but the viewer doesn’t especially believe it because there’s nothing shown about it.

where a SINGLE soldier has to defend an outpost for a set amount of time vs. an unknown enemy. There is a countdown and the soldier must respond. He talks to another person at a nearby tower. He checks in with his command for help. I believe he communicates via radio.
He is told he has to defend his outpost for the good of all. When he gets to the other tower, it is destroyed inside. There may be giant aliens and the electric fence. He seems to have a future gun. It takes place in a concrete like tower. He begins to doubt the enemy which he has not seen and eventually disables the electric fence. At one point he fires his future gun at a possible enemy. He leaves the tower to go attack or defend his tower.

The viewer doesn’t know if the enemy is real or if his commanders are lying to him and there is no purpose to him defending the tower.

The movie is european. He is told they are losing areas of control. It was either Netflix or Amazon Prime.