I’m playing one of the shittiest games ever: Skull and Bones

Update: I’ve now upgraded almost every node on the map to max and I’m rank 300s now because everyone quit. hahahaha

Update: the more you upgrade your empire the more you have to reroll the NPC to generate silver. It took me 3 hours of re-rolling the NPC to get enough silver to just power up my red nodes today, They want 50,000 silver one for ONE node and this is the only way to do it.

Original: The more you play, the worse it gets. It’s now just in end-game a FarmVille simulator where you MANUALLY for 18 hours a day collect the coins form your farms by driving your boat around as a stupid NPC spawns at each stop breaking you from collecting and dropping ZERO loot. I’m Kingpin 22 and max is Kingpin 50. People cheese Kingpin 50 by just grouping and sitting in an area in a group farming to max level.

I spend all of my time making money by enrolling a NPC, quitting out of the game, then restart to refresh it’s inventory. That’s how all of the players are running their endgame empires.

I’m 1500 or so on the ladder destroying my life doing this. I paid $90 because no one warned me and now I need to get my money worth. It’s not even as good as WoW starting zone 2003. More videos below.

The top players are doing this cheese: