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Sunday Entertainment News

Sunday Entertainment News

‘The Walking Dead’ star Lauren Cohan reveals early talks for a Maggie spinoff

As fans of “The Walking Dead” are still reeling from the departure of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, another lost-but-living character may be getting a spinoff of her own. Lauren Cohan, teased a spinoff for her character Maggie during a recent interview.

Disney+ streaming service will feature non-Disney content at launch

‘Scrubs’ actor Sam Lloyd diagnosed with lung cancer, brain tumor weeks after welcoming son

“Scrubs” actor Sam Lloyd has been diagnosed with lung cancer just weeks after his wife gave birth to their first child together.

Drew Barrymore Really Wants Pizza but Fans Encourage Her to Stick to Her Diet and Exercise Plan

‘Wonder Years’ star Danica McKellar says she tried to break free from Winnie Cooper, explains her new role

‘Wonder Years’ star Danica McKellar says she tried to break free from Winnie Cooper, explains her new role

Nintendo Labo kits are on sale for $40, down from launch price of $69

The Nintendo Labo line, the delightful cardboard accessory kits for Nintendo Switch, is on sale for $40 at GameStop. That includes the Vehicle Kit and Variety Kit, which were $69.99 at launch, as well as the Robot Kit, which was $79.99.

Monday Entertainment News

Monday Entertainment News

Emma Stone yells out ‘I’m sorry’ for ‘Aloha’ at the Golden Globes

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ airs 8,000th episode – have you seen them all?

The Punisher season 2 hits Netflix Jan. 18

‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ Star Will Poulter Leaves Twitter in ‘Interest of Mental Health’

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is fun, but doesn’t quite work as a movie or a game

‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ reboot in the works with original cast members

‘90210’ OGs Garth, Spelling, Ziering and Austin Green Get Coffee After Reboot Pitch

‘THE MULE’ Review: Clint Eastwood’s Best Movie in 25 Years…

Clint Eastwood’s secret daughter tracked him down 30 years ago and the two have close relationship

Netflix’s ‘Bird Box’ home becomes a tourist attraction

Jackie Chan’s Police Story movies remain among the best action films of all time