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I went Magnet Fishing

So a new (or who knows how old) fad is Magnet Fishing. You buy a giant magnet with a rope and throw it off bridges, docks, wherever and see what you get. The metal detecting and treasure finding channels are starting to have a video here and there about magnet fishing. I got a 550 […]

TV Grinding

Since March I’m stuck here most of the day and night so I’m grinding on TV. If there are some of these you haven’t seen, give them a shot. Give either Netflix or Amazon Prime a chance on these. Or find them.   Jeremiah (a disease kills all the adults) Jericho (nukes go off sending […]

Taxes Due July 15

A reminder. I forgot all about it. I owe like $300. Thanks to the <censored> they changed Mortgage interest so it caps federally to $10,000 but these California houses that are 1/2 a million to 1 million have interest at $13k every year. So i went from 10 years of gaining $3,000 at taxes to […]

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