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Thursday Random News

Thursday Random News


You have this many minutes to consume McDonald’s French fries before they’re inedible

You have this many minutes to consume McDonald’s French fries before they’re inedible

McDonald’s french fries become notably less appealing at around the 10-minute mark, and are a big old nope by minute 18.

Time of death: 17-18 minutes

Kate got out while the getting was good. Our final two participants bailed within a minute of each other, at 17 minutes (Allison) and 18 minutes (Kevin). At this point, the fries are lukewarm at best, no longer crisp, mealy bordering on gummy, and generally unpleasant to eat. They even seemed to lose some color.

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Sunday Game News

Sunday Game News

Zynga hits Q4 earnings targets as CEO says ‘turnaround is now complete’

Zynga’s turnaround: How once-beleaguered game company plans for 2019 growth

Zynga went public in 2011, and it grew quickly on the strength of social games like FarmVille. But it hit the skids in 2013, and it began going downhill. Frank Gibeau, a former Electronic Arts executive, joined as CEO in 2016, taking over from Mark Pincus, the original CEO, who replaced his own replacement, Don Mattrick, who was Gibeau’s former colleague from EA. (Did you follow all that?)

^ Skullder went to work there a 2nd time haha.

Grand Theft Auto Online Cheater Owes Take-Two Over $150,000

Apex Legends is great because you don’t have to talk to anyone

I had very mixed feelings when Apex Legends was announced. On one hand, Titanfall and its sequel are two of my favorite shooters, offering an incredibly fast, almost balletic sense of movement that made otherwise standard skirmishes feel fresh and alive. The idea of developer Respawn taking that to the battle royale genre and throwing in charming Overwatch-style characters was incredibly exciting. But there was one very particular aspect of the game that made me wary: you can only play it in teams. As someone who spends hours in Fortnite solo and hates the idea of voice chat with strangers, this was an instant turn-off.

Putting Red Dead Redemption 2’s 23 million shipments in context

It seems like every few weeks, some major publisher puts out an earnings call or press release trumpeting some ridiculously large number of sales for its latest big-budget blockbuster. This week it’s Take Two, which yesterday announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 has shipped 23 million copies since its October 26 launch last year.

Far Cry New Dawn: What’s Happened Since Far Cry 5

Far Cry New Dawn is just over the horizon, and it’s vibrant take on a post-apocalyptic future marks the first time we’ve seen a direct sequel to a Far Cry story. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to bring you up to speed on what’s happened in the 17 years since the bombastic finale of Far Cry 5.

‘Battlefield V’ didn’t sell as well as EA hoped it would

Video game sales were particularly cutthroat last holiday, and it appears EA’s Battlefield V was one of the casualties. The publisher lowered the outlook for its revenue this quarter after revealing that its sales in the last quarter of 2018 “did not perform to our expectations.” While it didn’t explicitly blame BFV for the shortfall, that was undoubtedly the company’s flagship game — it otherwise relied on sports titles and the mobile-only Command & Conquer Rivals. The firm wasn’t shy about acknowledging “intense competition” as a factor.

People aren’t into revisionist history. They want Battlefield 1943. 

Female gamer has quadrupled her salary, after quitting her job as a bingo caller

Woman who makes £3K a month by live streaming herself playing video games has quadrupled her salary after quitting job as bingo caller – but claims she’s not taken seriously because men think she’s ‘beautiful’

Saturday Random News Roundup

Saturday Random News Roundup

Pilot in deadly Yorba Linda crash twice disciplined by federal air safety board

The pilot of a plane that broke up in the sky and crashed into a Yorba Linda neighborhood on Super Bowl Sunday, killing him and four others inside a home, apparently was twice disciplined by the National Transportation Safety Board, according to federal documents.

Jury awards $123M to victims in Seattle duck boat crash

A Seattle jury awarded $123 million to the victims and families of a 2015 duck boat accident that killed five and injured 60. Both the maker of the vehicle and current operator were blamed.

UK: More than 1,000 children and teenagers are admitted to hospital with stab wounds in just one year 

Doctors are increasingly worried about the ‘Zombie knives’ favoured by gangs which are made to kill, as knife crime soars among those under 19, with the number admitted for wounds up 55 percent.

Southern California’s lack of economic freedom

Californians continue to be on the move. According to North American Moving Services, California lost residents and had some of the highest rates of outbound moves in 2018, according to moving truck rental data. In contrast, Texas and Florida were among the states with the highest rates of people moving in.

Tax code changes leave Americans asking, ‘What happened to my refund?’

Tax code changes leave Americans asking, ‘What happened to my refund?’

I got so screwed. I’m short like $3,000!

The White House said in October 2017 that the average family “would get a $4,000 raise” when it was pushing for passage of the law. Now that the new filing season has begun, some taxpayers are finding out that the tax man giveth — but also taketh away, especially as it pertains to their annual refund.

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Wednesday Random News

Wednesday Random News

Royal Caribbean announces $136G gig for someone to travel world as a ‘Shore Explorer’

earn 6,000 pounds (around $7,775) for the whirlwind, three-week gig — or the equivalent of a 104,000-pound ($135,000) “annual salary,” according to Royal Caribbean.

UK people only. Lame. 

Man Swimming Under The Crystal-Clear Frozen Surface Of A Lake

This is a video of freediver Petr Kapoun swimming under the frozen surface of Lake Milada in the Czech Republic.

Costco selling 24-pound cheese ‘Wedding Cake’ capable of feeding 150 guests


And the price for such a privilege? $439.99, shipping and handling included.

F-35 pilot describes how cutting-edge plane is a key weapon in America’s arsenal

Lockheed Martin F-35 Pilot Billie Flynn is a former F-18 Pilot who flew attack missions over Serbia. Here he gives a pilot’s view of war in the F-35.

This cat named Michael Scott is the World’s Best Cat

Brittney Jernstrom, a 26-year-old Office superfan named her cat Michael Scott after noticing some striking similarities between him and Steve Carell’s careless and beloved character in the NBC comedy. The funny feline is really living up to the name.

EA says holiday quarter was ‘difficult’ and missed expectations

Electronic Arts reported earnings for the third fiscal quarter ended December 31 that missed the company’s and Wall Street’s expectations. This comes on the heels of launching a new battle royale that dominated online discussion Monday. Analysts expected EA to post earnings per share of $1.94 on revenue of $1.75 billion on a non-GAAP ba…Read More

Navy builds two new large surface attack drone ships

The Navy is building two new large drone ships to coordinate synchronized attacks, perform command and control across fleets of Unmanned Surface Vessels and conduct high-risk maritime missions such as anti-submarine operations, mine countermeasures, surface warfare and forward-deployed surveillance.

PayPal Blacklists Jewish Conservative Activist Laura Loomer

PayPal has blacklisted conservative activist and investigative journalist Laura Loomer.

E-scooter injuries keep piling up

 It totaled 250 people sent to the ER and 100 with head injuries. Now Consumer Reports has found throughout the country more than 1,500 scooter-related injuries that can be blamed on the two-wheeled vehicles.

Kayleigh McEnany says Instagram removed her Elizabeth Warren post for ‘harassment or bullying’

DOJ to investigate plea bargain awarded to Clinton-linked sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, but watchdogs say probe is tainted

The Justice Department has opened an investigation into a plea bargain awarded in 2007 to a wealthy, politically connected financier accused of abusing underage sex slaves by a top prosecutor who now serves President Trump’s secretary of labor.

Iron Alliance: U.S. To Purchase Israel’s Iron Dome Weapons Defense System

On Wednesday, the United States Army confirmed that plans have been finalized to buy two of Israel’s Iron Dome weapons system batteries for $373 million.
I thought they got that from us.

Colorado runner mauled by mountain lion choked animal to death

A Colorado runner who was attacked by a mountain lion on a running trail Monday reportedly pummeled the animal with a rock before wrestling it to the ground and ultimately choking it to death, state wildlife officials said.
Custom House Slippers Designed To Look Just Like Your Pet

Custom House Slippers Designed To Look Just Like Your Pet

These are Cuddle Clones Plush Slippers, custom house slippers designed to look just like your pet. You just send a photo of your cat or dog along with a digital payment of $199, and eight weeks later you’re wearing your pet on your feet — simple as that. Also creepy as that. Still, it looks like they do a pretty great job of capturing the likeness of a pet. The custom stuffed animal I paid someone on Etsy $120 to look just like my pet? Not so much. “Cute bulldog.” Thanks, it’s supposed to be a turtle. Keep going for a bunch more examples. Also, that cat with the crazy white mustache definitely could have used some more whiskers.

Sunday Random News

Sunday Random News

Ja Rule Tells Fans to Yell ‘F**k You’ at Him Over Fyre Fest Docs

Ja Rule wants his fans to get any pent-up animosity toward him out of their systems, so he’s encouraging them to put a middle finger in the air … and let him have it. View this post on Instagram #JaRule lets fans curse him out at concert over…

A campaign to unfollow the Fyre Festival promoters is gaining traction

If you want to understand the zeitgeist of the last decade, just scroll through FuckJerry’s Instagram account — it’s a growing archive of viral jokes and videos sourced from every corner of the internet. But social media users are over FuckJerry’s unfair content stealing, and #FuckFuckJerry is working.

A cat crashed a soccer game and refused to leave

A whole soccer match came to a halt when a cat decided to go for a run across the field.

‘Unforgivable’: Trump Calls Out Northam Over Racist Photo And Late-Term Abortion Comments

‘Netflix effect’ sees nearly a MILLION Britons cancel their TV licence in last year

More than 860,000 TV licenses were cancelled in 2017-18. It is believed more people are using streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Now TV, which do not require any license.

Digital exchange loses $137 million as founder takes passwords to the grave

A cryptocurrency exchange in Canada has lost control of at least $137 million of its customers’ assets following the sudden death of its founder, who was the only person known to have access the the offline wallet that stored the digital coins. British Columbia-based QuadrigaCX is unable to access most or all of another $53 million because it’s tied up in disputes with third parties.

LIMBAUGH: Abortion Extremism Exposing Left’s Moral Contradictions

‘Ferris Bueller’ Actress Edie McClurg Suffering Dementia, Family Wants Conservatorship

Edie McClurg, the beloved actress from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” is battling dementia … according to family and friends who say they’re trying to protect her from a guy who’s allegedly taking advantage of her. Edie’s niece, cousin and friend…

US F35 fighter jets will only fly for a QUARTER of expected life because of ‘structural issues’

According to Bloomberg one early version of the jet, bought by the Marine Corps, could fly for just 2,100 flight hours, which the report says is ‘well under’ the expected service life of 8,000 hours.

Snopes quits Facebook’s fact-checking program

Jennifer Grey’s uncle’s mansion is ransacked by burglars who took $300k worth of jewelry

The thieves rammed the gates at the Holmby Hills mansion at 9.30pm while Ronald A. Katz, the owner, was out.

Yearbook Page Of Democratic Gov. Northam Features Blackface, KKK Robe

Bill Cosby is a Favorite Among Prison Inmates, Families and Guards

Bill Cosby isn’t America’s favorite dad anymore, but he’s up there on the list of favorite prisoners at the State Correctional Institute Phoenix … so says his spokesperson. Andrew Wyatt tells TMZ .

Rare heart-shaped meteorite up for auction ahead of Valentine’s Day

Forget chocolates: What’s a better way to show that special someone your appreciation for them than with a heart-shaped meteorite? For somewhere likely between $300,000 and $500,000, the 320 million-year-old rarity could be yours.

Texas company plans to sell country’s first permitted, 3D-printed house

An Austin company wants to be the first in the country to sell a 3D printed house to the public. It’s also partnered with a San Francisco company to develop the first leasable, permitted 3D home system.

$840M in gold bars prepared for loading onto Russian jet at Venezuelan airport: report

About 20 tons of gold from Venezuela’s central bank was ready to be hauled away Tuesday on a Russian airline’s Boeing 777 that landed in Caracas a day earlier, a Venezuelan lawmaker wrote on Twitter.

Mother shares her sneaker cleaning recipe she is using to restore her children’s shoes

Keeping white sneakers in pristine box-fresh condition is always trying. To help, one Australian mum has shared her ‘no fail sneaker cleaning recipe’. And its a solution that uses a range of household products.

Women in short skirts at work are likely to get promoted, study says

Women are often judged unfairly but what they are wearing, which can have a knock-on effect for their careers, a University of Surrey study has claimed.

I Cut Google Out Of My Life. It Screwed Up Everything

Long ago, Google made the mistake of adopting the motto, “Don’t be evil,” in a jab at competitors who exploited their users. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has since demoted the phrase in its corporate code of conduct presumably because of how hard it is to live up to it.

Models involved with disastrous Fyre Festival may have to reveal how much they were paid after court subpoena

The models involved in helping to promote the disastrous Fyre Festival will reportedly be subpoenaed by a court in an effort to find out how much money they were paid for their part in promoting the debacle using their celebrity.

Fans Accused Ariel Winter Of Undergoing Weight-Loss Surgery — She Wasn’t Having It

Well she does look weird in those photos

Corey Feldman demands justice for child sex abuse victims ‘like me’

The former actor, 47, wrote an article of NBC which was published on Monday to announce his role as the ambassador for the charity Child USA.

Margot Robbie reveals Harley Quinn’s new look in ‘Birds of Prey’

Navy SEALS granted immunity in Iraq war crimes case against decorated leader Edward Gallagher

Seven Navy SEALS — who have been granted immunity — and up to 13 additional witnesses are expected to be called to testify against a decorated chief special warfare operator accused of multiple war crimes stemming from a 2017 incident in Iraq, prosecutors said.

Huge animal appears to be trying to conceal itself – very badly – in South Africa 

The elephant is too big for the bush he tries to hide behind, so its trunk and tail are still clearly visible. Staffan Widstrand, 60, took the photo at Marataba Private Reserve in Limpopo, South Africa.

Facebook To Replace All Reaction Buttons With Pure Outrage

MENLO PARK, CA—In an announcement Monday, Facebook confirmed the social network is replacing its usual selection of reaction buttons with just one button that lets you express pure, unbridled outrage.

Friday Random News

Friday Random News

Niagara Falls freezes over as deadly polar vortex hits the Northeast

The polar vortex has turned Niagara Falls into a spectacular winter wonderland as it bears down on the Northeast. Temperatures dropped to -4F in Ontario, Canada, on Thursday.

‘Mutant’ coyotes in California with piercing blue eyes stun scientists

Last year, a wildlife photographer spotted a “one in a million” coyote with captivating blue eyes while out on a walk in California’s Point Reyes National Seashore.

Ashton Kutcher Posts Powerful Pro-Life Video: ‘Everyone’s Life Is Valuable’

On Friday, Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher, a fierce advocate in the fight to end human trafficking, posted to his Facebook page a powerful pro-life video of Special Olympian and actor Frank Stephens speaking before Congress in 2017.

‘Fiji Water Girl’ from Golden Globes Sues Over Fiji’s Cardboard Cutouts

3:04 PM PT — A rep for FIJI tells TMZ, “This lawsuit is frivolous and entirely without merit. After the Golden Globes social media moment, we negotiated a generous agreement with Ms. Cuthbert that she blatantly violated. We are…

20 charged in ‘birth tourism’ scheme that helped Chinese mothers have babies in Irvine

SANTA ANA — Twenty people have been charged in the largest-ever crackdown on businesses that help Chinese women travel to the United States to give birth to babies who automatically are American citizens, authorities said Thursday.

Affleck Steps Down As Batman After Critics Blast Him For Not Actually Being A Flying Nocturnal Mammal

HOLLYWOOD, CA—Ben Affleck has stepped down from his role as Batman, which he has played in the DC Extended Universe since 2016’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Apple blocks Google from running its internal iOS apps

Apple shut down Google’s ability to distribute its internal iOS apps earlier today, following a similar shutdown that was issued to Facebook earlier this week. A person familiar with the situation tells The Verge that early versions of Google Maps, Hangouts, Gmail, and other pre-release beta apps stopped working alongside employee-only apps like a Gbus app for transportation and Google’s internal cafe app.

Cloud movie locker UltraViolet is finally closing

UltraViolet, an older “cloud movie locker” service, is shutting down. The service, which allowed consumers to unlock a digital copy of their DVDs and Blu-rays, was something of a transitional step between the age of physical media and today’s streaming video landscape. Over time, it’s become less necessary for consumers, as movie marketplaces and subscription services now offer extensive libraries of movies for streaming, rental and purchase — all in digital formats.

YouTube’s reviewing mistake could cost Shane Dawson thousands of dollars

Shane Dawson’s new hour-and-a-half-long exploration of conspiracy theories was demonetized by YouTube for 12 hours — not because of its focus on conspiracy theories, but because of a reviewing mistake.

What’s funny is in their SJW quest youtube is killing SJWs haha. 

Michigan grandma, 82, captured snow blowing her driveway in freezing temps goes viral

A picture of Marlene Downing of Muskegon, Mich., snowblowing her driveway on Tuesday in freezing temperatures went viral.

7-ELEVEN plays high-pitch sound to boot loiterers…

Even the video is super annoying.

Woman’s wet hair FREEZES when she steps outside in Iowa as the killer cold cripples the Midwest 

Taylor Scallon shared the clip of her laughing as she walks inside a house in Iowa with her hair above her head. Temperatures dropped to -51F (-46C) in the Midwestern state this week.

Taylor giggles as she clutches to blankets outside her Iowa home

Google+ for consumers will shut down on April 2nd

It’s no secret that Google planned to pull life support from the consumer version of Google+, its failure of a social network, in April. Until now, though, we didn’t know the exact date. That date, Google announced today, is April 2.

Virginia governor under fire for endorsing post-birth abortion

Sarah Palin was among those outraged on Twitter Wednesday after Kathy Tran on Monday said she wanted restrictions lifted on how long a woman could go before deciding to abort a child.

In Rare Moment Of Honesty, Democrats Finally Admit They Support Infanticide

The post In Rare Moment Of Honesty, Democrats Finally Admit They Support Infanticide appeared first on The Babylon Bee.

Monday Random News

Monday Random News

Wedding dress with pockets goes viral as bride calls for empowering clothes

Cambridge bride Eve Paterson’s big day has gone viral after pictures of the 24-year-old and her bridesmaids wearing the white and green outfits on her wedding day were shared thousands of times on Twitter.

Airport patrol beagle sniffs out 5,000 leeches in luggage…

Airport patrol beagle sniffs out 5,000 leeches in luggage...

BuzzFeed employees demand it pay out earned PTO to all laid-off U.S. staffers

A group of current and former BuzzFeed employees are asking the company to pay out paid time off to all recently laid-off staff. In response, Lenke Taylor, BuzzFeed’s human resources lead, said it wants to meet with staff and is “open to re-evaluating” its decision on PTO.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos gives less of his wealth to charity than Gates, Zuckerberg, or even Trump

World’s wealthiest man, pictured, donated just 0.0906 per cent of his considerable wealth. Bill and Melinda Gates gave away 37 per cent of their fortune.

FBI Investigates R. Kelly for Flying Underaged Azriel Clary Over State Lines

People share the extraordinary photos of celebrities they dated before they were famous

An extraordinary online gallery compiled by BoredPanda has seen people share old family photos of the celebrities their relatives dated before they were famous.

Watch: SNL Parodies Tucker Carlson, Features Steve Martin as Roger Stone

Harvey Weinstein doc ‘Untouchable’ draws its power from his victim’s stories

The producer had long been a fixture, picking up future hits and hobnobbing with talent. It was also, we learned in 2017, where he perpetrated some terrible crimes. In 2018, Weinstein sat out the festival for the first time since the ’80s.

Wife of Green Beret Matthew Golsteyn, accused of murdering suspected Taliban bomb maker, hits back at Army’s tactics

The wife of a decorated former Green Beret officer who has been charged in the death of a suspected Taliban bomb maker defended her husband and hit back at the Army’s tactics against him on Sunday.

As “Aquaman” is poised to supplant “The Dark Knight Rises” as the top-grossing film in the DC Universe, Warner Bros. has begun the process of bringing director James Wan back for the inevitable sequel.
A United States Postal Service mail delivery truck self-immolated while attempting to deliver mail on Thursday morning in the Northland suburb of Kansas City. The driver is seen on camera spinning tires for several minutes attempting to drive up an icy hill. It is not clear exactly what started the blaze, but it’s a good guess that it was a result of a tire explosion. Perhaps the tire shrapnel hit a fuel line.
Unfortunately, sustained online harassment campaigns are still a reality. NBC News has learned that trolls have launched a coordinated threat campaign against BuzzFeed and Huffington Post (owned by Engadget parent Verizon) journalists recently let go as part of layoffs. They appear to have originated from 4chan and used the same far-right memes before launching into racist and sexist slurs as well as death threats. The attackers have largely targeted writers on social networks like Twitter and Instagram, although they’ve also used email and even PayPal.
Embattled congressional freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., once asked a judge to show leniency toward a group of Minnesota men accused of trying to join the Islamic State terror group.
Painted in the original crimson London, Midland and Scottish Railway’s livery, it belonged to prominent model maker Ted Martin, who died aged 88 in 2010.
Nothing says romance like small round capsules filled with tomato goo. That’s the new Heinz motto, probably.
The 1%

The 1%

Hedge fund billionaire pays $238million for a 24,000-square-foot penthouse overlooking Central Park

The building, 220 Central Park South, is a residential skyscraper that is currently under construction. Ken Griffin bought a penthouse in the building, which will have 70 floors and 116 residential units.

Hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin has completed the purchase of a penthouse on New York’s Central Park South for $238million - the most ever paid for a home in the United States. An artist rendering above shows the view which Griffin can expect to enjoy once he moves into the penthouse

$125M Malibu Mansion Could Set L.A. County Record…

Move over, “Billionaire.” The $150 million Bel Air home now has some company on the sands of Malibu, CA. An oceanfront estate in the posh beach community is on the market for $125 million, which could set a record for the area.

London’s ‘biggest’ house boat up for sale £3.5million

The stunning barge, which has its own sauna, is located in St Katherine’s Dock Marina, London. It has a winter garden which can be used in all seasons as it has retractable walls and ceilings.

Stunning £100 million superyacht features ‘red carpet’ entrance

The ultra-glamorous vessel, named The Carat 187, will feature two sweeping staircases which mimic a red carpet. The UK-based designers were inspired by the ‘world of celebrity’.

Front row Emerald Bay house sells for $21 million

A front row home along the ocean in Laguna Beach’s gated Emerald Bay community has sold for $21 million, 40 percent less than the $35 million asking price when the house hit the market in 2016.

Wednesday News

Wednesday News

Man takes hilarious photos of premature son doing ‘manly’ things

It isn’t every day you get to see a tiny baby mowing the lawn, playing poker or walking to work with a briefcase in hand. Matt MacMillan, a father-of-two, used Photoshop to make just that happen.

Royal Caribbean reveals ‘The Blaster’: The world’s longest water slide at sea

The two-person raft slide is part of the Royal Caribbean ship’s $155million (£118million) makeover. She is relaunching on February 24 in Miami.

Bryan Singer Denies Sex Abuse Allegations: ‘Homophobic Smear Piece’

Responding to a bombshell report in The Atlantic alleging he had sexually molested underage boys for nearly two decades, Hollywood director Bryan Singer says it’s all just a “homophobic smear.”

Google Hangouts is shutting down for some users in October

Google’s Hangouts chat and video conferencing app is going away this year, at least for some users.

On Tuesday, Google announced that its Google Hangouts service is shutting down for G Suite customers in October 2019. It will be replaced by Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet.

Chinese military deploy units that can destroy scores of American satellites…

Oracle allegedly withheld $400 million in wages from underrepresented employees

Oracle has allegedly withheld $400 million in wages from racially underrepresented workers (black, Latinx and Asian) as well as women, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs said in a filing today. The OFCCP is the office within the DOL that enforces equal pay and ensures government contractors comply with anti-discrimination regulation.

This video of a man destroying a hotel reception with a digger has gone massively viral

Police are appealing for information after footage of a digger destroying the front of a building branded with the Travelodge logo went viral on Monday afternoon.

Disneyland offers a clue into a secret society of theme park characters

When Disneyland opened The Tropical Hideaway restaurant in Adventureland last month, many visitors noticed a display of paddles, mounted on the far back wall behind the cash registers. Each paddle was labeled with an initial and last name. But who were those people?

Fyre Festival restaurateur who lost life savings receives over $160G worth of donations

She’s garnered a lot of attention since appearing on the Netflix documentary.

New US Navy amphibious assault strategy: ‘Mother ships’ launch small boat attacks

The future of amphibious attack may consist of thousands of disaggregated manned and unmanned surveillance boats, armor-carrying connectors, minesweepers and small attack vessels operating in tandem as the Navy and Marine Corps refine a new strategic approach and continue their pivot toward a new, great-power threat environment.

Girl Scouts selling cookies in New Jersey robbed of over $1,100

A group of Girl Scouts selling cookies at a mall in New Jersey were robbed of over $1,100.

The “shocked and devastated” young girls had set up their table to sell the sweet snacks on the upper level of the Woodbridge Center Mall, near Chick-fil-A, in Woodbridge.

Johnny Depp Files New Legal Docs Claiming Proof He Never Struck Amber Heard

2:33 PM PT — Depp’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, tells TMZ, “The dozens of Eastern Columbia Building security camera video files we recently obtained, coupled with multiple newly obtained eyewitness affidavits and sworn depositions taken in 2016, leave no…

NBC raises eyebrows over $400 million relationship with BuzzFeed

NBCUniversal invested $400 million in BuzzFeed and the two companies have a “strategic partnership,” raising eyebrows about why the network isn’t more transparent when covering the controversial website.

Cops Can’t Force People to Unlock Their Phones With Biometrics, Court Rules

A federal judge in California has ruled that law enforcement can’t compel a suspect to unlock their phone with a fingerprint or face recognition. Combined with a previous court ruling that held police cannot force a suspect to tell them their password, we’re getting some clarity on the future of search and seizure in the United States.