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Idiots buying my shit

I sell on Facebook and OfferUp. I gave up on Craigslist where I never sold one item. They want the item but they’re too lazy to come get it. Then order online? I saw this chick who has Her Name (Pickup Only) . So I changed my name to that, and the idiots still ignore both my […]

It’s not Over

Maybe it’s over, but maybe it’s not. State media is always going to say what they want to happen for 80 years. haha. But if it is over, I’ll yolo out until 2018/2024.   Judicial Watch Finds 353 Counties In 29 States Have Voter Registration Rates That Exceed 100%   🚨NEW: Trump campaign filed suit […]

Voter Fraud

You saw in 2018, this shit was going to happen. We need national voter ID and some fair neutral parties counting the votes, not members of one party counting their own votes. What a crock of shit. haha. Major developments in Wisconsin: In direct violation of state law, the Wisconsin Elections Commission instructed every clerk […]

If Biden Wins…

The people that came out of the political closet for Trump are going to be regretting things as the firing squads arrive. People are already creating lists of Trump supporters after a supposed Biden win. haha. As minimum, people will lose their friends, jobs, etc. I lost a friend the other day just for a […]

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