They go, hey you haven’t been here in forever, here’s a free sandwich. I go, get my sandwich. Got a PEACH SHAKE, which is the absolute best but, due to Bidenflation, it’s $5.  Anyway, they took forever to make it so they gave me…. a free Chicken Sandwich. I’m caught in a loop. (STORY CONTINUES AFTER VIDEO)

They have the absolute best customer service in the business. What I like to do is get a TON of their ketchup and use them for fries from other places like Del Taco, Mcdonald’s, etc. They give you 4 max with a sandwich but when you go and cry at the window, they’re obligated to give you even more. What’s great about these versions is they are DIP-ABLE. On a few visits I get the Polynesian sauce which I store up as well then switch back to Ketchup on all sandwhiches. I have a whole drawer full.

Large, zoomable image of Heinz Ketchup Dip & Squeeze Single Serve. 1 of 7