Clerks 3 came out last year

Oops didn’t notice Clerks 3 came out. Not really paying attention. Clerks 2 sure was gross!

Jay’s teeth look like total replacements. He meth-headed them out.

They remake Clerks 1 again only 30 years later using all the same people who are aged 50-70 now hah

I don’t care how old these guys get. I’ll keep watching. 30 years now.

From Wikipedia

Clerks III is a 2022 American dark comedy-drama film written, produced, directed, and edited by Kevin Smith and stars Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Trevor Fehrman, Austin Zajur, Jason Mewes, Rosario Dawson and Smith. It serves as a standalone sequel to the 1994 and 2006 Clerks films, and is the ninth overall feature film set in the View Askewniverse. In the film, Randal Graves, after surviving a massive heart attack, enlists his friends and fellow clerks Dante Hicks, Elias Grover, and Jay and Silent Bob to make a movie about their lives at the Quick Stop Convenience store that started it all.

The film had its world premiere on September 4, 2022, in Red Bank, New Jersey, before its release on September 13, by Lionsgate.