Car Stereo


  • Stereo sounds FUCKING AMAZING. Can’t be described. They say they don’t even sell stereos sounding that good anymore. Supposedly the $1000+ Alpine 7909 sounds even better. I put on Warren G and the whole car booms at the bass parts. haha. We’re about $2500 in.  6 speakers, 1 mid range, 1 sub, 2 tweeters. 900 watts or so. Makes your ears bleed on mid volume.
  • Got a METAL Alpine keychain from 1990s off a person from Compton for $35.
  • Got a new (2005) 12-disc and 6-disc changer BOTH going. You could just put mp3s on your phone and Bluetooth haha.  Still have to come up with a perm mounting for it. But I want to get my steering wheel controls working first.
  • Bought some 1990s CD on ebay. The seller has 3MILLION feedback. Insane.
  • Bought a second copy of my dash faceplate (air controls/stereo) after discovering the Chinese radio doesn’t fit. They SAID it didn’t fit. haha. I’ll just use a dremel (sp) tool to grind it down a little to fit the radio. Then I’ll keep the other plate in reserve in case I change stereos.

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I fixed it by buying a copy of it on ebay then swapping the faceplate (bought one without a faceplate). Back in action, 2005 stereo! haha.

Also in the photo, I got a $100 Chinese stereo with a screen and hooked it up to that one, so now I have 2 competing stereos with hilarious results. More on that another time.

I also got a 2nd CD changer for a total of 19 discs. Head unit: 1, 6 disc changer, 12 disc changer. Gotta mount that stuff now.

The aux output was only putting out sound to the right speakers. Then this week, it ate a CD then wouldn’t return it but would play it fine. But when it tried to return the CD it would CLICK really loudly. So RIP. It finally died. What great service 2005-2022. Can’t ask for more. It could still play just fine now if you never wanted to change your CD haha.