Ghostbusters: Answer the Call (2016) Review

I had to give girl Ghostbusters 2016 a shot to see how bad this movie was. 

  • You know it’s still better than “It’s Pat” and some of the other SNL movies. 
  • The humor lines are just low-class; flipping people off, talking about pu$$y farts. Nothing they are saying is even funny. A comedy with zero laughs, which is typical of most SNL for the last 15-20 years. haha . 
  • The ghosts look very bad and not at all iconic compared to Ghostbusters 1 and 2. 
  • I like Kate as an actress but her character is really bad in this one. Her character could best be described as Kate trying to be HIllary Clinton in SNL. 
  • The Ghostbusters car looks like total shit compared to the original one
  • New Ghostbusters song is the WORST. It’s a female sung song, not that is bad, but it certainly could be better. 
  • Their uniforms look horrible compared to the original. It looks like some shitty cosplay.
  • The spookiness of the original is lost. The part where they go down to the library in the original and the ghost librarian turns was scary as F. There’s nothing spooky about this one.
  • Their ghost traps look stupid
  • People die, unlike the original which make it kid friendly. 
  • Major bad guy is dumb, even compared to Vigor in Ghostbusters 2 which was bad at the time.
  • Design or special effects for all the ghosts look horrible. 
  • They make men look horrible in this movie on purpose. While Ghostbusters original brought everyone together. It was for everyone.



  • Thor’s performance is sadly the best in the movie. Haha. 
  • Cameo by Bill Murray (but then just go watch a movie with him)
  • Omar (died IRL) from The Wire
  • Guest star the receptionist from the original
  • “Please don’t compare me to the mayor in jaws” (only good line)
  • Cameo by Dan Akroid 
  • Slimer and lady slimer
  • Making the people dance was mildly funny
  • Cameo: Kevin from Office
  • Cameo: Winston


When you do a remake, it should be better than the original or at least an alternative. It shouldn’t make you just want to put in the original instead.


Other failure remakes:


  • Red Dawn (with North Korea as the bad guys)
  • Total Recall

Burn this movie with fire.