Got a 6-disc Changer for my Car

Update 2: Spent $60 on new disc magazines. Got it to play 4 out of 6 discs. haha

New: The Air-net seems to be putting out only to the right-back speaker. I swapped the cord 4x. I have ONE cord that goes to a 3.5m that still turns out to all speakers.  I took the 6 disc changer apart but it still only plays ONE disc out of 6. I got a 2nd one (UNTESTED AS IS). It plays NO discs. haha. I got a new cd lens, and ordered some new magazines. So far it’s $500 just to play 1 disc out of one speaker. vs. just ripping CDs to your phone and plugging in the 3.5m or Bluetooth. It’s about sending a message. It’s about flair. It’s about retro audio gaming. There are big groups devoted to 1980s/1990s stereos.


Only plays disc 4 of 6. I don’t know why they stopped doing that technology! haha