Got a Samsung 55″ Neo QLED 4K Mini LED Quantum HDR 32x


So far, I haven’t been blown away but I’ll edit this post as I go. My previous TV was a year 2011 – 55″ Sony HD-LED. 1080p.

  • Update: got the PS4 to do proper 4k with a new cable run directly from the PS4 to the TV. But I’m not sure how to run the TV sound back to the receiver.
  • I notice some of the 4k content off Netflix looks better for what content they have. Bluerays looked exactly the same because 1920 I guess.
  • I’m working on getting the PS4 going in 4k but it isn’t quite working yet.
  • I have a 4k receiver but I don’t know how outdated it is
  • I’m going to try swapping some HDMI cables
  • 55″ is way too small. I’d recommend way bigger.
  • bloatware and spyware to the max. The remote is dumb too but it actually worked as a controller for my PS4 which was cool. I think I only have about 20 hours played on my PS4 so far.
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