Holy Fuck The Blackening is bad

This movie teaches a lesson. You can take the shittiest movie and make a trailer with it and make it look funny. It only had 3 and 1/2 laughs. For my son, only 2 laughs. A comedy with no laughs. I feel like it’s white people making a movie for black people thinking what might be funny for them. When I go to rottentomatoes it says 87% for critics and 85% for audience. My son said, were they passing out a bag of weed with each ticket?

The gay guy wasn’t funny at all. NONE of the people could act. The one white guy who has been in lots of comedies wasn’t funny.

When T-Mobile is giving away tickets, that’s when you know it might be bad.

So fucking bad. I’d load up even the worst Scary Movie and it was still 1000x better than this one. Even I’m going to get you sucka is a master piece compared to this one. I even guessed the twist a bit before it happened.

Another complete shit movie is They Cloned Tyrone which is #1 on Netflix.