I’m in line for In-N-Out for 50+ mins. I kept turning off my vehicle between moves to save gas.

This girl takes my order then walks back a few steps then talks to the other girl doing the drive-thru orders. Then what came out of her mouth was the raunchiest shit I’ve ever heard in 40+ years of fast food. She was talking about doing some dude, then the “team” found out and was giving her a hard time and talking about being called a “whore” and “FUCKING.” I was like wow, that’s $20+ an hour? She gave zero fucks about losing her job. I went to the dash cam and tried to extract the audio but I had my music going and the vehicle starting up sound.

Oh well, it would have been a great viral video. That girl woulda lost her job for sure. I of couse made no attempt to make her lose her job but she really shouldn’t be talking like that in front of the customers at the most family friendly food place.

After 2020, the world died.