The Last of Us Show is horrible and completely unoriginal

Update 2: Oh someone born when the mom was bit? Ever seen FUCKING BLADE? Whoever wrote this shit (which I believe they stole from the game which stole from every show already) needs to never work again.

Update: Everyone is just jerking off and cuming all over themselves over this show and it’s literally not a single original episode that Walking Dead hasn’t done already. NOTHING except some teens kissing I suppose. I mean the main guy is super lovable and the girl is the little girl that people liked from Game of THrones (then forgot it’s her) but geez. 2 billion views on this piece of shit. It shows people never watched or finished Walking Dead and that’s completely understandable because it went NOWHERE after season 1/2. Total waste of time other than some of the actors are super awesome like Daryl, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, few others. Cannibal group has been done before. It’s like hey normies, all this shit is recycled every fucking episode is a cut-n-paste. Even the fight seems. Even the hey this guy has a cool bunker.

Now Pedro is awesome and that’s really the only reason to watch. And it’s cool that he kills everyone.

Update: Total ripoff of Walking Dead. Literally every episode:

Already have black people who are deaf, already had 10+ gay couples. Already had a NEW gov organization people that abuses the people.


What’s so amazing about that show? It’s just another zombie show. Plenty of those already. I’m watching it though. 2 dudes falling in love is really pushing zombie TV shows to the next level! Z-Nation is better so far. IMO.