Best Non-Caffeinated Fruit Drink: Mogu Mogu

 MoguMogu: Mango, I was blown away by this drink. It’s so good. What they did is take a regular drink then fill it full of fruit chunks of the matching drink such as real mangos.I’ve only tried Mango (my number 1 choice) and Passion Fruit. I hope to find Pink Guava. The rest I think I can skate on. We’ll see. Basically, you get a mouth full of fruit chunks along with each sip that you chew. It must be a real choking hazard. hah. Just make sure you chew. They recommend shaking it.

The stats on these are bad with way too much sugar. It’s only 25% juice! They should be perhaps drunk in stages to avoid all that sugar. But who cares. Most drinks are bad for you yet so enjoyable.  It’s also funny how their site claims it’s good for you somehow.

They also have giant bottles ($3.99) or ($5.99) for 6 which is crazy expensive but then you’ll see why. I got them at H-Mart, a Korean grocery store.