Proven right again

v 1.2

I am the one person who knows when something is going to fail gamewise. I have a 100% record in 27 years. I was hired almost entirely for that purpose but then people quit listening to me.  The newer people didn’t understand that they should listen to the die hard disgruntled gamer as a way to test products for success.  It started with that adventure game that I feel *I* literally got cancelled myself the next day. I wrote up this huge list of issues with it and problems, then cancelled the next day. haha. They never gave me credit but I’m about 99.9% sure it was me. They go hey we’re having an all company meeting, then it’s cancelled. I already knew what the meeting was going to be by guessing before it happened.

So then we get to REAL ID on the Forums. Same thing

So then we get to that MMORPG in the new universe. I literally talked with the lead designer who was my friend and talked about how it wasn’t going to work. He said something like you’ll have to trust us and we know what’s best for players. Then after 8 years, cancelled despite putting the best people on it. It was trying to be about 5 games at once and had no clue what it was about or what to focus on. I thought the whole thing was awesome and great and wanted them and my friends to succed but there wasn’t enough time in the universe apparently for that to happen (like Star Citizen)

Because of that failure, you’re on expansion 52 of the same game from 20 years ago because it was the only MMORPG left go go back to. The replacement was cancelled haha.

So after this cancelation they go, hey let’s just scale down to FPS. Then we’ll slowly reintroduce PVE that will lead back to the MMORPG again. (an idea likely dropped 10 years ago but who knows).

They put out the FPS game and it’s great and original and it succeeds. But hey we need more money. So then suddenly people are expected to fight in PVE. I go to a huge regular meetings of like 50+ people/dev team where I kept being shown demos of the current progress. And I’m like what the fuck are these guys smoking? Who the fuck is going to want to play this? The entire game is 6v6, 5v5 vs real people. They already made the game that fights bots 10 years ago, Left for Dead 1, Left for Dead 2, COD zombies. People barely like the esports crap so why would they like fighting bots? Fighting bots is for training purposes for new players. So then they show the gameplay some more and it’s fucking stupid. Everyone is all like “yay, amazing”, and I’m like omg. I walked away each time going this is going to fail. These guys have no idea what they’re doing. It’s where you know that these people have no idea how to design a good video game. The concept would have been awesome had they released it 10 years prior or with another title. Yes the graphics look good but it’s like who would ever want to play that? So then they test it out using HOLIDAYS which did well but that’s because they were limited time and after 1 day or whatever, people were sick of it right? You can’t drag that on for years as a full product.

So then I read it’s cancelled. That’s like the 8th time I was the LONE person whose “disgrunted or negative” that was proven right. And it’s not at all about going, hey everything sucks and you’re right because sometimes things fail. Instead I correctly pointed out  ONLY when something was bad and then watched it fail/cancel.  There were a lot of things that didn’t suck and did well. But when it’s clear something is going to not do well, who the fuck is driving the boat to stop it? Nobody alot of the time. Let’s drink the Flavoraide and believe in miracles.

Then there was lots of things that were GOOD and that would have done well that was cancelled, things that were almost in the can/ready to release. They could have released it and patched it up to good standards and it still woulda been better than the crap other game companies put out today as full products. A lot of missed chances and mass exits when people’s projects were cancelled. Hey this awesome game is cancelled but go work on these two 20-year dying franchises or leave the company. That’s how many beat me out the door. hah.

So someone literally just msged me, “hey did you hear PVE was cancelled” hahaha