The fake cop

I told this story one time before in 1997-1998.

I was driving along my 1 and 1/2 hour commute to that game company. When this guy kept trying to ram me off the road. He kept trying to get around me and I’d block his move. Then he finally got around me then stopped in the middle of the road. He gets out and flashes some badge, and his truck was just ar regular truck, not even a cop car with lights. He said “what makes you think you can drive so fast.” And I was in a 1990s Honda Accord (gray) going like 50 in a 40. Not even that fast. I said “What makes you think you can ram people off the road on the wrong side of the road?” This was long before dash cams or it would be quality entertainment.

Because he was likely not even a cop, or perhaps a cop from the completely wrong area, he drove off. Fuck him. I bet he wasn’t a real cop. Demand a uniformed officer and real cop car if you ever see that.