They cancelled Sierra Mist and Replaced it with Starry

Unfortunately, they have canceled Sierra Mist and replaced it with Starry. Now, who liked Sierra Mist? Nobody but me and that alone was a reason to get rid of it. But it sucks for me! Check out the number one video when you look it up. So true.

But for my tastes, Sierra Mist was the FIRST lemon-lime soda that actually tasted good. I remember one time at the fair they had a whole booth for it and were giving out unlimited shots. I would never drink Sprite or 7-Up but I had no problems drinking Sierra Mist. I would mix it, especially with Dole Orange-Pineapple-Banana Drink. Typically for other “themed” drinks or punch people would mix 7-up instead and that’s completely valid. But for me, that was the best combo.

Fans of Sierra Mist may prefer its crisp and refreshing taste over other soda brands due to its balanced blend of natural lemon-lime flavor and carbonation. Additionally, some people appreciate that Sierra Mist is made without caffeine and artificial flavors, making it a healthier option for those who want to enjoy a soda without the added sugar and additives found in other brands.

People have already made comparisons including this great write-up on sierra mist vs. Pepsi.

The most important point is Sierra Mist had REAL SUGAR while Starry has high fructose corn syrup. BAD! But they’re like, hey we don’t care, let’s target youth. So now Pepsi has NOTHING that I like, and unfortunately, Costco uses Pepsi at their food courts. 

Sad times are ahead for Sierra Mist fans. Save some up for later usage. I grabbed a case of Lime Crush once it was canceled and opened it up like fine wine. No idea how long it should have lasted but eventually the cans lost the carbonation.