What $90 Billion Buys You

  • Makes the same 3 games for 25 years +1
  • Every game is just a more polished version of someone else’s game. Feint 5% of originality
  • Releases games so late that they might have succeded if they came out within the time when they were still relevant
  • Keeps remastering existing games because they can’t seem to make anything new.
  • Offers employees healthcare WORSE than the free health care they offer poor people.  They literally get better health care. haha. Not working there and getting poor people health care is an UPGRADE. Tells you their health care is competitive.
  • Leaves employees in the dark for 1 and 1/2 years about where they are allowed to live and still work there when they could have moved somewhere cheaper during that time and returned. Tricked them into spending $100,000(s) more during that time in rent/mortgage.
  • Only pays out $13M in a sexual harassment lawsuit when competitor paid $100M. Limits those payouts to only 60 people and limits the time at only 2016 and up when the majority of events happened 1991-2015. After $13M paid out, zero consequences for 1991-2015 events.  A company worth $90B pays $13M.
  • Hires infinitely but won’t take care of anyone once they get there. Bait & Switch.
  • $15 for skins for chars when you had skins already in the past
  • $15 for skins for chars not even in the game at the moment.
  • Removes anything funny to not be offensive which sold the place to begin with. But then so does GTA.
  • Treats interns better than employees because they hope they’ll convert over at $20,000 a year. The whole plan is to get the cheapest employee possible and that’s their path to do so. Trick 19-year-old interns into working at bare bottom pay.
  • Spends 15-20 years telling you to think about GLOBAL people, then after building up a workforce of people with 15 years of experience and expertise in their roles, just fires them all and expects local employees to now do their jobs for no additional pay. The French had defenses so good it took 1 year to get rid of them. haha.
  • Never happened to me but I still laugh. Gives employees $0 raises. Your raise is $0. You had a good review and didn’t do anything wrong but here’s your $0. And this was BEFORE the last few years inflation problems.
  • Fills upper ranks with literal spooks and leftovers from CIA and other insane government positions based around terror, war, bad politics, even mercenaries. haha. Having people literally involved in torturing people shouldn’t be your coworker haha. And torture was shown to not even work. They had one of the most hated person in politics (even to liberals)  as an advisor.
  • Makes RECORD breaking (and that’s 27 years of records) amount of $$ in 2020 when everyone was stuck at home yet lies to employees and says they didn’t have any profit. haha.
  • Buys 2 parking garages and says there are no bonuses because of the parking garages. Then gets reimbursed for the parking garages at the end. Then doesn’t pass that savings back to the bonuses.
  • Tells employees for 7 years this year is going to suck but next year is going to be better (when it wasn’t). Just get through this year and X.
  • Bans a top player for advocating PEACE and support for non comies fighting against communism when they’re literally being beaten by police.
  • Gives $500 to purchase things to work at home over the span of 1 year and 6 months to somehow create a computer and work from home. Doesn’t provide computers. Then at the end asks for that $500 back.
  • Watches major competitor give a $3000 employee bonus because of covid, does nothing to save money
  • Watches major competitor  give new computers during covid, does nothing to save money
  • Keeps telling people in every video to WASH THEIR HANDS. Fuck you, I’ll wash my hands when I’m at home if I feel like it or not. It’s none of your GD business whether I wash my hands in my own home.

The show goes on but they got away with it all with bonuses and $$ and zero consequences.

I do have one funny new story though. This HR lady seems to have stolen about 3+ boxes of figures and pins from the company and is selling them for $200-$800 a shot. haha. That’s her severance. There’s a difference between getting free or sold internally stuff vs. just grabbing boxes of shit to sell (theft). haha.