Cox Sux Cox

25 years later. They still do.

Now their techs are literal smooth brained morons. One said they would transfer me to the “advanced department.”  Most of them can’t manage to complete a sentence and their chat lines are full of errors. I feel like cutting and pasting from a sheet for tech support was better than what they are now offering.

So the issue is they did some network upgrades in the neighborhood but totally hosed the network causing 80% packetloss. If you run a speed test the download/upload is great but it doesn’t show the packetloss. When you do a trace, you can see several hops away it’s their fault.

However, level 1 tech support just wants you to reset your modem, resets your modem both on your side and their side. Second attempt, you explain that no, you don’t want your modem reset, the problem is outside the house and has nothing to do with your modem or computer. But they insist. 2nd person tries to reset the modem. Next tech, same shit. Finally you go I want to talk to the next level, level 2 tech support. I want to “escalate” this. The problem is not on my side, it’s on your network.

So finally they dig up an actual American with an American sounding name. But he tries the same shit, reset your modem. Or  schedule a tech to come into your house where they’ll charge you for it when the problem has nothing to do with you and is their network.

You wouldn’t think after 15 years the tech support would get worse but it did. They used to have support employees with basic clues about pings, or tracerouting, servers. These new people know absolutely nothing except resetting your modem haha.

This video has some tips: